The Best of Super Mario Bros Super Show!
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The Best of Super Mario Bros Super Show! on DVD

Star Koopa in a galaxy far, far away, the evil Darth Koopa has built a crazy contraption to destroy Mario Skywalker. Mario And the Beanstalk When the Mario Bros. Buy some magic garbanzo beans, they are led up the beanstalk to face a Giant Koopa! Pirates of the Koopa Long John Koopa Kidnaps the Princess and is auctioning her off to his fellow pirates when our heroes arrive in pirate disguises. Mario's Magic Carpet the Mario Bros. Wage a wild magic carpet battle to save the Princess from being forced into King Koopa's harem. Two Plumbers and a Baby When Koopa misuses the Fountain of Youth to turn the Princess into a baby, the Mario Bros. Get stuck with a big babysitting problem. Mario And Joliet Our heroes arrive for the wedding of Romero And Joliet, only to find Koopa has reignited the feud between the two lovers' families. Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa? Koopa threatens to turn the Mario Bros. Into rocks unless Princess Toadstool agrees to marry him. Quest for Pizza When Caveman Ally Koopa poisons Mario, his three friends have to find a way to make pre-historic pizza to save his life. The Trojan Koopa When King Koopa holds the Princess captive in his island fortress, the Mario's get inside by hiding in a wooden "Trojan Koopa".