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Super Mario Bros: Mario Spellbound
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Super Mario Bros: Mario Spellbound on DVD

King Mario of Cramalot with the help of the wizard Mervin, Mario pulls the Golden Plumber's Helper from the magic sink and saves the Land of Cramalot from evil King Koopa. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em the dreaded Queen Rotunda of Rotundaland falls in love with Mario when she mistakenly drinks a love potion and tries to force him into marriage. Two Plumbers and a Baby When Koopa misuses the Fountain of Youth to turn the Princess into a baby, the Mario's get stuck with a big babysitting problem. The Pied Koopa King Koopa acquires a magic flute that makes him irresistible to the children of Pastaland and he leads them all to his castle until the Mario's come to their rescue. Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers When Toad accidentally spills a shrinking potion on the Mario's, they must overcome the perils of giant Troopas, drain pipes filled with monster-sized bugs, and Koopa's big feet.