Super Mario Bros: Koopas Kronicles
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Super Mario Bros: Koopas Kronicles on DVD

Bad Rap: Koopa Kidnaps the King of Rapland where everyone speaks in rap rhyme it's up to the rapping Marios to save the day. Koopenstein: Dr. Koopenstein starts the trouble by trying to steal the Mario Bros. Brains for his new invention and then he really turns into a monster. Up, up and a Koopa: The Koopa-Doopa-Raiser-Upper device, newly implemented by King Koopa, send the Mushroom Kingdom up into the clouds and creates an awesome challenge for Mario and his friends. Do the Koopa: Mario and his friends set out for Darkland and the Temple of Gloom to recover the magical music box. Super Koopa: Kooku Von Koopa makes a magic pendant that gives King Koopa the power to become Super Koopa! Mario and Lugi fight Super Koopa to save Paris from Koopa rule. King Scoopa Koopa: King Koopa opens a fast food stand, serving egg Scoopa Koopa sandwiches which are highly addictive and turn his consumers into Chickadactyls! Rock TV: King Koopa invents television! The cave people are crazy about it. He sells them sets to watch at home... but each TV contains a Koopa wizard that casts an evil spell over them! With the cave people under his control, Koopa puts the Mario on TV as the fall guys in Dinosaur Wrestling!