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Sonic Underground: Sonic to the Rescue
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Sonic Underground: Sonic to the Rescue on DVD

The Deepest Fear: On a trip to Port Mobius*Sonic*Manic and Sonia are told that ships are sinking due to the Mobian Seabeast. The legendary story becomes fishy when the Hedgehogs meet Captain Squeege who informs them of a scam in which townspeople must rely upon Robotnik for protection from the seamonster when in reality*it is Robotnik who is sinking ships*not a monster. Last Resort: While lost in the wastelands of Mobius, Sonic, Manic and Sonia stumble upon an oasis called Lake Valley Resort. Although Sonic is impressed with the beauty of this safe haven*he has a sinking feeling that this village may be under the scope of Robotnik's radar. Head Games: As Sonic begins to chow chili dogs for a snack he finds a message in the sack from his mother urging him to head to Speedster Island. When his brother and his sister arrive what they encounter is an ancient sanctuary that is about to be overrun by Robotnik and sold off bit by bit. Dunes Day: Sonic and his siblings travel to the outskirts of Mobius to recruit a tribe of nomads for the Resistance. The Hedgehogs' van breaks down and they are saved by the tribesman. Once they return to the camp Manic discovers that the chief has been robotisized which is a secret that could have the chief banished from the tribe.