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Sonic Prime: Season 1
Price: $19.99

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Sonic Prime: Season 1 on Blu-ray

Our story is comprised of four chapters, or Levels as we like to call them, and begins in the familiar setting of Green Hill Zone. In this lush, natural setting we meet Sonic who is digging life as is. We also introduce a new generation of kids to all the beloved classic characters of the Sonic universe, setting the stage before everything turns upside down. When Sonic ignores the advice of his closest friends during a battle against Dr. Eggman, he accidentally triggers an explosion which creates a multiverse of bizarre parallel worlds. Set upon by enemies new and old, Sonic navigates these strange new worlds and meets wacky versions of friends who do not recognize him. However, they are key to fixing what Sonic broke. Sonic must reconnect with his friends, see them for all their complexities and lead them as a true-blue hero before the multiverse scatters into oblivion!