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Octonauts: 15 Underwater Adventures
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Octonauts: 15 Underwater Adventures on DVD

Beluga Whales - When the Octonauts discover a pod of Beluga Whales stranded at a breathing hole, they use music to lead them to safety. Lost Sea Star - When the Octonauts find an unusual Sea Star on the beach, they search the ocean from top to bottom (literally) to help find it's home. Dolphin Reef Rescue - When the Octonauts all pitch in to help save a sick coral reef, they get some unexpected help from a pod of playful dolphins. Seahorse Tale - After a storm, the Octonauts have to reunite a seahorse with it's missing mate - who is about to give birth to baby seahorses! Crafty Cuttlefish - The Octonauts are on a mission to recover Captain Barnacles lost Octo-compass, but it s been taken by a crafty, shape-shifting Cuttlefish! Baby Dolphin - When a young dolphin follows Kwazii home, he has to babysit while the other Octonauts search for it's mother! Manta Rays - The Octonauts help a young manta ray find the secret manta ray feeding grounds, but when they finally locate it, the Octonauts become caught in the middle of a dangerous feeding frenzy! Damselfish - The Octonauts help a group of algae-eating fish stand up to some aggressive damselfish, who are harming their own reef by over-farming it with algae. Lionfish - The Octonauts get more than they bargained for when they use the Octopod to transport a pair of invasive lionfish back to their native habitat. Cone Snail - Only Peso can save the day when a cone snail invades the Octopod and picks off the crew one by one with it's dangerous harpoons. Hammerhead Sharks - The Octonauts study a group of baby hammerhead sharks, as they hunt on their own for the first time and poke their noses into trouble. Albino Humpback Whale - The Octonauts help out an Albino Humpback Whale with a nasty sunburn. Enormous Elephant - When Peso and the Octonauts aid an enormous Elephant Seal, he overstays his welcome in the Octopod. Sardine School - The Octonauts must work together as a team to help a lost sardine find her school. Mixed Up Whales - When the Octonauts clean & repair their ship, the Octopod, the resulting noise causes a nearby Blue Whale to act in strange and dangerous ways.

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