Charlie's Colorforms City: Fantastical Adventures
  • UPC: 843501010877
  • Item #: 2406084X
  • Rated: NR
  • Genre: Family, Animation
  • Theme: Netflix
  • Release Date: 8/17/2021
  • Original Language: ENG
  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Distributor/Studio: NCircle
List Price: $9.99
Price: $7.99
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Charlie's Colorforms City: Fantastical Adventures on DVD

Once upon a time, there was... Charlie! A friend like no other! Charlie is YOUR silly, creative playmate and best friend. He is SOOOOO excited to take YOU on adventures with him. Charlie created Colorforms City out of his imagination so that he can tell the best stories possible... like a knight trying to save a balloon, adventuring to the other end of the rainbow, or Charlie's epic quest to solve a mystery. Come along with Charlie and his friends as they solve problems using creativity, ingenuity, and the shapes Charlie sees all around him.