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Cat in the Hat: 2 in 1 Wings/ Reptiles
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Cat in the Hat: 2 in 1 Wings/ Reptiles on DVD

Wings and Things: A new adventure with the Cat in the Hat, So much fun to be had, no doubt about that! Collect shells on the beach, so colorful and bold, or follow some birds as they escape from the cold! Dance with the honey bees, and collect nectar from the flowers! And have a nighttime adventure with some animal prowlers. Miles and Miles of Reptiles: Oh the slithery and scaly friends we shall meet, when the Cat takes US all for a delightful new treat! Ziggy Iguana can turn light when it's hot - and Gecko has tricks - you might see him or not! a quick adventure to keep up the fun, with the Cat Nick and Sally, Thing Two and Thing One!