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School Jams

School Jams

  • By X11 Band
  • Release 6/2/2009
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $10.98

Product Notes

X11 Band Bio X11 Band was started in the spring of 2006. The band consists of a father and his twin daughters. In his younger years, Darryl started playing drums in a high school marching band. He has always loved playing on the drum. He has never let his passion for the drum leave his soul. After high school, Darryl had taken a couple of piano lessons. He fell in love with the piano. Darryl has been a computer technician for twenty years. He has built and repaired hundreds of computers for his own business, which helped with the business aspects of Positive Tracks. One day, Darryl purchased music software for his pc. This software taught him how to interface his computer with a music keyboard. This technology is called MIDI. The name "MIDI" represents "Musical Instrument Digital Interface". During this process of Darryl learning MIDI, he has purchased plenty of computer music magazines. Darryl loves this technology, because it has enhanced his ability to write, collaborate, record, edit, mix, master and work with other companies to produce their product. The possibilities are endless with these tools. He is always studying in his home studio. Darryl's twin daughters, Kenya and Kayla, love playing on the music equipment in the home studio as well. They have been playing in the studio since they were four years old; Darryl started seeing some of their amazing talent at about five years of age. The girls are now eleven years old. Kenya and Kayla have sung in a church choir. They've appeared in many school plays at the ages of five up into the age of eleven. The girls have taken a performing arts camp at Howard University (I'm Black and I am Proud). Kenya has appeared in the school play (Oklahoma). Kayla will appear in the school play (Honk). The twins have taken guitar lessons at a local music center (DC Music Center). Both girls recently participated in Girls Rock Camp. Girls Rock Camp is a camp setup for girls to form their own rock band, which includes writing original songs and arranging music. At the end of the camp all of the girls perform their songs in a live rock show. A hobby outside of making music for Kenya and Kayla is cheerleading. Both Kenya and Kayla expressed that cheerleading helps them exercise and helps with making up new dance moves. In 2006 while working in the studio, Darryl had been laying down some tracks, the girls heard the track and they began to sing a song. Just making up lyrics to the music playing, Darryl recorded their vocals with the track. The track was entitled "School is so Cool". Darryl, Kenya and Kayla continued to lay tracks in the studio for fun. They did not get serious about putting out a music CD until the spring of 2007. By this time, the movie, School of Rock was out and really inspired X11 band to pursue their musical interest further. They knew that this was their time to start their first CD titled "School Jams". X11 Band has put in a lot of work making their debut CD. The experience for the group has been life changing and fun. This project was a family affair for X11 band. Darryl Jr. created the artwork for the front cover of the CD. X11 Band has even had a relative help write and record on one of tracks "Get Off The Wall and Dance". Dad has learned how to write, collaborate, record, edit, mix, master and work with other companies to produce their product. The band looks forward to working on their next music project. 2010, X11 Band plans to perform live.


Artist: X11 Band
Title: School Jams
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 6/2/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 800416801921
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