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X-Men: Destiny Nintendo Wii

X-Men: Destiny Nintendo Wii

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Wii $49.99
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Product Notes

Product Description: in the action-RPG X-Men Destiny, you control the fate of a new mutant in the X-Men universe. Every choice has a consequence, as your destiny is determined through the decisions you make as you advance through the game. Play as one of three new characters in X-Men lore, each one of whom must come to terms with his or her unique background and powerful mutant identity while uncovering the truth behind an epic event that threatens to tear apart the tenuous peace between humanity and mutant kind. Product Features: /b/ Choose from three different characters to play, all with unique history and personalities - Define and evolve your own x-men mutant through choice and customization - Align with either the X-Men or the Brotherhood of mutants - Select, expand and enhance your powers as you customize your abilities and earn upgrades - Your decisions shape the story and change the world around you Your destiny is yours to define.

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    Title: X-Men: Destiny Nintendo Wii
    Genre: Action / Adventure (Video Game)
    Release Date: 9/27/2011
    Publisher: Activision Classics
    Platform: Wii
    Catalog #: 84120
    UPC: 047875841208
    Item #: SDVG584120