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Wee Whispers: Open Treasures of Timeless Truth

Wee Whispers: Open Treasures of Timeless Truth

  • By Wee Whispers
  • Release 12/24/2002
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $14.98

Product Notes

This CD is absolutely the BEST! Almost sold out! Email to find out how to receive FREE 100 page activity book with all lyrics (up to 3 copies free!) 1 hour of fun songs that children learn easily. Containing happy messages that all parents appreciate! The BONUS to this great music is that it also teaches children to help, be honest, caring, and more. Children can't get enough of this favorite! Music is a great teacher - with rhythm, rhyme, repetition, and in this album, role models that are cute little teachers of wisdom. Do you have a 'music time' for your children? WHY do so many GRANDPARENTS buy one for every grandchild after hearing the Wee Whispers CD? Variety, quality, and music than entertains and trains! Parents love it too! Scroll down to see what FANS and PARENTS have to say! But come back to read this: A GREAT BOON TO PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS: Teaches Timeless principles! Do you have a home full of HAPPY HELPERS?? Let the WEE WHISPERS show your family how to have kindness, co-operation, cleanliness, confidence and fun while singing BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRED melodies! HONESTY, CLEANLINESS, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, DEVELOPING TALENTS, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE, LOVE AND GRATITUDE,THRIFT and many more, woven seamlessly into the fabric of lovely MUSIC AND LYRICS. Perfect for all children ages 3 - 11. You'll want to hear it again and again! Why? You feel happier after listening! The highest quality possible. A MUST IN EVERY HOME! 'WEE WHISPERS': 23 ORIGINAL children's songs, 8 poems, a story, created 'to teach, train, entertain'. Various styles and performers lend fun & fascination without a pause - Latin, Oriental, 50's, Country, Native, Swing, Big Band, Heroic, lyrical, lullaby and more. Children love the sound effects in the 4 seasons poems, and they hear great examples of wonderful literature. Gorgeous cover painted by acclaimed artist Simon Dewey. All ages find this 'entertainment that edifies' - leaves you happy, energized, but also calms children down at the end with soothing, restful, music!! Children are so delighted (for an hour!) you'll wonder what they're up to...... PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS tell us they LOVE the timeless principles and VARIETY. Children ask for these educational songs. Music IS the BEST TEACHER! LYRICS STICK IN THE MIND for years - these are happy, edifying! Perfect to put on while they help you clean the house or when putting them to bed - you'll find songs to clean to, songs to slow down into a cozy night's sleep. LOADS of great fun!! Established recording artists - Johanne Perry, Michael Dowdle, Tammy Simister Robinson, Trudy Seely, professional narrators. AWARD WINNING PRODUCER - Greg Hansen (produced for Disney, Miss America, NASA, Bob Hope, National Geographic, Winter Olympics, the Osmonds, Gladys Knight, David Foster and over 900 more)Multi winner of Pearl Award. You too will love this CD. *** Read what happy parents have to say about this CD: Please 'scroll down':.


Artist: Wee Whispers
Title: Wee Whispers: Open Treasures of Timeless Truth
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 12/24/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 623667207102
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