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Scottish Children's Songs: 20 Traditional Lullabie

Scottish Children's Songs: 20 Traditional Lullabie


~ Twinkletrax

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CD $14.98
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Product Notes

From the rolling Highlands and distant islands to the lowland cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland is a nation where the ancient and the modern rub shoulders together. This collection reflects all aspects of Scotland's unique character, from the supernatural to the surreal, reverence to irreverence, cheeky playground songs to gentle highland lullabies, Robert Burns to Bonnie Prince Charlie, Wee Willie Winkie, the creature who stalked Old Edinburgh's Royal Mile searching for children who were not asleep, to Dream Angus, his Highland cousin. In over an hour of music, this album will take your kids all over Scotland and get them home in time for tea (mince and tatties, naturally). This album is a must for children or for anybody with an interest in traditional Scottish songs. REVIEW BY ANDREA GUY Twinkletrax's Scottish Children's Songs should come with a warning label. This album is a dangerously infectious collection of fun songs for children and adults. Once you start listening to it, you won't want to turn it off. The album is comprised of twenty songs, some fun rollicking Scottish folk songs and other lullabies. The songs were produced and performed by Douglas Milne with the help of Helen Raw. Douglas plays all the instruments and sings (mostly the folk songs). Helen Raw is the beautiful voice lulling us all to sleep. The first song on the album is the fun and fast paced 'Aiken Drum,' an old Scottish folk song and nursery rhyme. The percussion will get your toes tapping and the lyrics will delight the little ones. After all, Aiken Drum's clothing are made out of a variety of edible things, like goat cream cheese, penny loaves and roast beef! 'Coulter's Candy' is another Scottish folk song, sung by Helen Raw. It is one of the more spirited songs that she has lead vocals on. This song is not only fun to sing, but it also has a history. It was written in the 1800's as an advertising jingle! But if you are looking for the most fun song of the bunch, it has to be 'Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff The Bus.' The melody and lyrics are both so infectious that you will be singing along about pushing various relatives, except yer granny, off buses! It's songs like that one that will really delight kids of all ages. Sure there are songs that are geared towards the younger crowd like 'Cock A Doodle Doo' and 'Wee Willie Winkie,' and those are great too, but it takes a special song to cross the age boundaries. 'The Broon Coo' is another song with that great combination of fun lyrics, that unless you are Scottish or have Scottish friends, you probably won't understand. In fact, you'll probably be wondering exactly what a broon coo is. 'Katie Beardie' is fun lyric sung to the tune of 'London Bridge.' One of the more modern songs is 'Green Grow The Rashes, O'. The song is an adaptation of Robert Burns' poem. Douglas proves he can sing something other than the traditional folk song. This tune has an almost folk/pop sound. When the album focuses on the lullabies, you are in for a treat. Helen Raw's voice is stunning. Listening to her can easily wash away the stresses of the day. She shares vocals with Douglas on 'Dream Angus' and the results are nothing short of perfection. If 'Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny' is perfection on the folk front, 'Dream Angus' is perfection on the lullaby front. Both voices blend together well. Helen has a voice that can be compared to some of Celtic/New Age music's biggest stars, such as Enya and Máire Brennan. Her rendition of 'Amazing Grace' can only be described as a religious experience. 'Can Ye Sew Cushions' is another lullaby. It is an old Scottish song of a mother singing to her child while her husband is at sea. The baby talk lyrics give the song an otherworldly tone. The album ends with 'Baloo Baleerie,' a beautiful Scottish lullaby that sends the fairies off so the children can sleep and summons the angels to watch over them. It is a fitting way to close the album that started off with a more lively tune. The album may be called Scottish Children's Songs but it is really much more than that. It is a way to introduce children to some Scottish history. Many of these songs have interesting stories behind them. Kids can have fun learning about a different country while singing a great song. This is definitely a must have for parents with grade school aged children, or just people with a fondness for Scottish folk songs. Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

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    Artist: Twinkletrax
    Title: Scottish Children's Songs: 20 Traditional Lullabie
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 11/22/2010
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637622516
    UPC: 884502804096
    Item #: 348404X