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What's Grandma Doin in the Kitchen

What's Grandma Doin in the Kitchen

(Duplicated CD)
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CD $18.98

Product Notes

Dear Listener: "What's Grandma Doing In the Kitchen?!?" was written in the summer of 1994 as a joking tribute to my grandmothers. This was no studiographed master---I originally recorded the song on a karaoke machine with only a Casio keyboard to back me up. After playing this rough version for a select group of family members, the unlabled cassette tape disappeared into a drawer and we all went about our lives. Two years later, while looking for a blank tape, my step-father, found the song. Convinced of it's universal appeal, he convinced me to bring "What's Grandma Doing In the Kitchen?!?" out of the drawer and onto the airwaves. We hired a band, shoved my 6'4 body into a green dress, grey wig and a pair of size 14 pumps for cover photos, and recorded the song in a studio. The song got a bit of regional and national air play during Christmas of 1997 and I was surprised to find that this simple song, recorded as an inside joke, had so much universal appeal. From bikers to bankers, so many people could relate to the story of an impatient boy waiting to open his Christmas presents. Moreover, they had their own stories to tell and shared fond memories of their adventures with those powder-haired beacons of love---grandmothers. Over ten years later, I have a beautiful baby girl about to celebrate her first Christmas with her grandmothers. In honor of my daughter and her brand new grandmas, and at the urging of the band's original drummer, I decided to put "What's Grandma Doing In the Kitchen?!?" on the market in time for the holidays. With the new technology available, it is easy to download songs right onto your computer or MP3 listening device for next to nothing. So I've teamed up with a distributor to get the song out to those folks who might enjoy it but never got the chance a decade ago because the song was an independent single with no big record company behind it. As the little boy in the song says, "Patience really is a virtue." Thank you for taking the time to hear my song. It was truly a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it. Now go hug your Grandma! Sincerely, Travis Fitzpatrick.


Artist: Travis Fitzpatrick
Title: What's Grandma Doin in the Kitchen
Genre: Children's
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 12/10/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479953132