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Music Time

Music Time


~ Teacher Ryan

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

'MUSIC TIME' is a fun collection of songs 'Teacher' Ryan McHugh has written or covered during his five years working at Weymouth Preschool. After doing a recording of himself singing and playing his guitar live with a group of 39 4-6 year olds singing backup, Ryan took the recording to a studio and played all the rest of the instruments himself! The sound quality is very high definition and the guitar playing is very tasteful. Ryan sings in spontaneous voice as the kids prompt him to change the words to songs and quite often you can hear him chuckle at the children as he sings. He changes his voice to cartoonish charactars from one song to the next which really loosen things up and adds texture. There is a free flowing feel from one song to the next and you will laugh out loud when you hear the kids shouting out priceless gems in between the songs. I.e. 'Yaaahh! Rock 'n' roll, baby', and, 'I can hear it! I can hear the beat!' What a deal! For about the price of one CD (14.99), you get a double CD package (64 songs in all!) containing 'Learning To Listen' (Disc 1) and 'Yum Yum Time' (Disc 2). 'Learning to Listen' is a 'start from the ground up' CD with many of the first tracks focusing on numbers, colors, ABC's, farm animals, friendship, listening and much more. This is the CD that infants, toddlers and young preschoolers enjoy the most. Disc 2, 'Yum Yum Time' is the one that Kindergarteners and grade schoolers enjoy the most, as it is more dance oriented, more silly and more rockin'. If you ask a kindergartener what their favorite Teacher Ryan song is, nine times out of ten they'll say 'Guitar Monster' (Disc 2). Besides being fun and entertaining, Disc 2 also covers topics such as Winter, Fall, loosing teeth, food (hence the title 'Yum Yum Time'), insects, the mailman and much more. Because of the wide age group compatability, your children can grow with this CD package if they start young on it. Both discs end with some slow winding down songs to make for a smooth transition to bed time, mealtimes or what have you. 'MUSIC TIME' is a great pick if you want something innovative, unique and educational that will give your childrens' ears something completely different to chew on. YUMMY!

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    Artist: Teacher Ryan
    Title: Music Time
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 1/1/2003
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637495148
    UPC: 634479189555
    Item #: SRD918955