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CD $15.98

Product Notes

Learning Magazine 2007 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family winner! AMERICA is the third release from Teacher and the Rockbots and it is a great way for your kids to get familiar with many of the significant events and cultural traditions that have shaped America. Here's what customers are saying: 'The idea behind the CD is great. The kids think it's wonderful and my youngest don't even realize everything they're learning. I bought an extra copy to pass on to a teacher at my kids' school. Thanks!' - Laura 'My nephews love the CD and I am going to purchase many more to spread this wonderful learning tool. Rockbots Rock!!!!! Keep up this great work; children really get excited about this way of learning.' - Cordelia 'The Power Arts duo has teamed up to release a spectacular, modern, educationally-targeted CD. Kids will love the aggressive musical style and will latch onto the witty (and always informative!) lyrics. I wish I had this CD when I was growing up!' - Kyle Here's a quick sketch of each of the tracks: The CD opens with Revolution, Revolution, which is an account of five major events that led to the Revolutionary War. The National Anthem is a stanza-by-stanza breakdown of Francis Scott Key's poem that helps bring out the meaning of that old text in a way that is welcome by young ears. It may even make a few old ears smile too. Civil War follows with many of the primary issues that made a war among brothers seem reasonable at the time. It wasn't only about slavery like so many people are ready to reply. Grew to the West is a thumbnail sketch of how and why our country grew from a few small colonies into the gigantic powerhouse that it is today. Holidays are another easily overlooked part of our culture. Sure, we all like an extra day off now and then, but why these days? What are we really celebrating? I'll bet you'll be surprised by a few of them. Symbols are important to any society, but who chooses? Where do some of these objects come from? Have a listen and see how well you do. Natural Wonders are some of the great geographical features of a country. What do you know about some of our greatest mountains, rivers, lakes and canyons? Like the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance has great meaning that is often lost to the quick and mechanical recitation it receives. Slow down and listen for yourself; you've got a lot to be proud of and even more to be grateful for. Do you know the branches of government? Do you know what each branch actually does and who's in charge of each? How about Washington D.C.? It's no accident that so much history and so much policy making comes from there. What can you tell me about our capitol? The CD concludes with the Bill of Rights, which is often quoted, but not often understood. This song offers a refreshing look at this important document. AMERICA is a worthy collection of tunes that every kid should have in his or her collection. The subjects are always relevant and understanding and appreciation of these songs will only grow as your kids mature and eventually have their own kids. What are you waiting for? ------- Things you may not know about the Teacher and the Rockbots collection of educational music: ·Songs are aligned with 4 main areas of study: multiplication, basic science, American history and world geography. ·These 51 imaginative songs cover over 250 specific topics. ·Multiple singers, one of which is a robot, have different personalities and delivery styles. Repeated listening is less repetitious this way. ·Full-scale production means lots of "ear candy." ·FREE worksheets that accompany these songs are available online at and ·Additional lesson plans, worksheets, Cloze reading exercises and other extension activities for these songs are available online at and


Artist: Teacher & the Rockbots
Title: America
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 8/16/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479142758