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Sal y Pimienta
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CD $18.98

Sal y Pimienta or Salt and Pepper is a music CD with twenty short easy to learn songs in Spanish composed by Susy Dorn. This CD expands on ¡Cantemos En Español! With songs that teach about: the names of insects, the hours of the day, emotions, the magic words of 'Please and Thank you' and many more. Susy Dorn's CDs are a great way it introduce your child to Spanish. 1. Sal y Pimienta (Salt and Pepper) 2. ¿Qué comen los animales? (What do animals eat?) 3. Las Emociones (The Emotions) 4. Rimas 1 (Rhymes 1, Animals playing instruments.) 5. El Reloj (The Clock) 6. Los Animales del Mar (Animals of the Sea) 7. Buenos Hábitos (Good Habits; Wash hands, brush teeth, etc...) 8. Rimas 2 (Rhymes 2; Animals looking at objects) 9. La Casa Loca (The Crazy House; 'La señora vacuums, sweeps, makes toast, etc...) 10. Los Vegetales (The Vegetables) 11. Mi Amiga Pancha (My Friend Pancha; A song about spots) 12. Cuatro Palabras Mágicas (The Four Magic Words) 13. Pelotas (Balls; A song about Basketballs, soccer balls, volley balls, tennis balls, etc...) 14. La Naturaleza (Nature; A song about the sun, moon, rain, stars, wind, etc...) 15. Los Sonidos de los Animales (The Sounds Animals Make) 16. La Mano y los Dedos (The Hand and the Fingers) 17. Los Utiles Escolares (School Supplies) 18. Los Insectos (The Insects) 19. El Espacio (The Space; A song about the solar system) 20. Cantemos en Español (Let's Sing in Spanish) Besides a singer, author and song writer for children, Susy Dorn is a Spanish Immersion teacher in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, California. With a bachelor's degree in early childhood development, Susy has managed to develop Spanish Immersion materials that are fun and effective such as books, music CDs, and DVDs for her students to supplement the learning of Spanish in her program.

Title: Sal y Pimienta
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Susy Dorn
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/14/2007
Product Type: CD
UPC: 837101152440
Item #: CDBY115244

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