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Los Bomberos

Los Bomberos


~ Susy Dorn

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CD $18.98
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Product Notes

Los Bomberos is a music CD with twenty short easy to learn songs in Spanish composed by Susy Dorn. This recording contains tracks that teach children various new Spanish vocabulary and give them an immersion opportunity as they hear fun songs about: Firefighters, Family, Opposites, Plants and Flowers, and songs that translate to familiar experiences like 'Happy Birthday' and 'Shoes.' Many songs use rhyming, a proven effective way of learning. Susy Dorn's CDs are a great way it introduce your child to Spanish. 1. Los Bomberos (The Firemen) 2. Rodeados de Color (Surrounded by Colors; A song rhyming objects with colors) 3. Cinco Monos (Five Monkeys; Rhyming and counting down monkeys doing things) 4. Quiero Cantar Rimas (I Want to Sing Rhymes; A fun rhyming song) 5. La Familia (The Family; Rhyming and singing about family) 6. Los Zapatos (The Shoes; Singing about shoes) 7. Cuantas cosas puedo hacer! (How Many Things I Can Do; eyes to see, ears to hear, etc...) 8. Barquito de Papel (Paper Boat) 9. Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday; A fun Birthday song for your child) 10. La Cara Rara (The Strange Face; Rhyming animals with facial features) 11. El Pirata (The Pirate; A fun song about a pirate and actions) 12. Pelos Diferentes (We All Have Different Hair) 13. El Castillo (The Castle) 14. El Baño (The Bathroom) 15. Mis Amigos Comilones 16. Los Opuestos (The Opposites) 17. El Campamento (Camping; A fun song about going camping) 18. Las Plantas y las Flores (The Plants and Flowers) 19. La Ronda (Making a Circle) 20. Un Canto por la Paz (A Song for Peace in the World) Besides a singer, author and song writer for children, Susy Dorn is a Spanish Immersion teacher in the Bay Area, CA. With a bachelor's degree in early childhood development, Susy has managed to develop very original and amazing Spanish Immersion materials that are fun and effective such as books, music CDs, and DVDs for her students to supplement the learning of Spanish in her program.

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    Artist: Susy Dorn
    Title: Los Bomberos
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 5/15/2007
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637490899
    UPC: 837101152426
    Item #: CDBY115242