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Kidz Album
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CD $9.98

Between battling evil villains out to destroy the world and smelly homework, the Strange Kidz found the time to record their very first album! It's a wacky cross genre romp that both kiddies and their parents will bop along too. The album mixes up rock, ska, hip-hop, folk and more into one big goofy salad. Themes on the Album include uplifting messages like how everyone has a talent that makes them special and universal fears like the dark. Then other songs are just fun and wacky for the sake of putting a smile on. All of the material is catered to be fun for kids AND adults. Producer Patrick Shaw, who helped the Strange Kidz write and record the album, recently returned from a long holiday of much needed rest. Patrick: 'As much fun as they are it was hard to keep them focused. Always off stopping some giant meteor or trapping some awful bad guy or solving the mystery of the haunted amusement park. I mean I'm glad they saved the world of course. You know, cause that's pretty much where I spend most of my time.' Even one of their nastiest enemies, the Evil Zoo Keeper, recently admitted to loving the album. He said: 'Oh those Strange Kidz, always foiling my evil plots! One day I'll catch them and put them on exhibit in my Zoo of Weird Children! Nice album though, the Bad-boons, Frogenstiens and Lobster-Mobsters all play it non-stop.'

Title: Kidz Album
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Strange Kidz
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/28/2008
Product Type: CD
UPC: 884501050517
Item #: SRD105051
This product is a special order

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