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Balloon Dwarf
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CD $17.98

'The Balloon Dwarf is a positive, enchanting bedtime story created to promote healthy rest throughout the night. This seven-minute story is followed by 31 minutes of soothing music composed specifically to relieve children of their anxieties and to nurture their minds with vibrations of love as they peacefully fall asleep' said Ana Weinberg, founder and producer of Sleep and Shine. Ana Weinberg was born and raised in Mexico coming to the States in 1995. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Her family has devoted themselves to the entertainment world, from which she draws her artistic inspiration. Her father, Xavier Garza, a musician and a member of one of Mexico's most famous bands in the 1960's -Los Locos Del Ritmo- is also the creator of the Soul Symphonics healing system. Her brother Javier Garza Jr. another musical talent in the family, is a seven-time Latin Grammy Award winner. Ana's passion for the arts resulted in her creative talent. In her own right she has been recognized by the American Advertising Federation four times for her work as an Art Director. Although Ana's work is her passion, it was the miracle of motherhood that truly became her inspiration to work with children. Sleep and Shine products is the beginning of a legacy for which Ana wants to make a difference in children's lives. Her two sons, Mateo and Cristobal are indeed the cause of her true inspiration behind this work. Through them she gets to be an extraordinary mom who is touched, moved and inspired to promote healthy sleep venues for children and their spiritual wellness. Understanding from her own struggles of her own childhood and upbringing, she has continuously been driven to take courses which broaden her understanding of her spiritual education. She has been engaged in taking courses such as The Journey Healing Process, Transcendental Meditation, Landmark Forum, Ontological Coaching, Chakra Healing, etc. Her quest for knowledge has become a way of life for her and the work towards children has become her driving force, because children are the sparkling stardust of our future. She wanted to find a way through music to teach her own children how to soothe themselves from the everyday anxieties of life while learning to focus and find their own inner source of peace. Ana authored her first two audio bedtime stories, "The Balloon Dwarf" and "The Fairy and Fireman" in 2006 and is now solely devoted to designing products to promote healthy sleep habits in the early childhood years. Her dream is to see every child living up to his or her highest potential. Her dream is for children to be just who they are.

Title: Balloon Dwarf
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/1/2007
Product Type: CD
UPC: 606041251625
Item #: CDBYS51625
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