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Singing Encyclopedia

Singing Encyclopedia

  • By Rich Maisel
  • Release 9/27/2011
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $16.98

Product Notes

The Digestion Train: All aboard! Get ready for quite a ride. Board at the mouth and travel the twists and turns of the alimentary system. Dinner is now being served. The Call: The lure of exotic folktales, fables, and stories beckon the listener into the magical world of storytelling. Afro-Pop rhythms suggest that you 'just call the stories and stories just appear.' Before You Came This Way: Ancient Native Americans used cave walls as a canvas for their art, thousands of years before we set foot on their hallowed ground. Pretty Butterfly: There are several reasons why Nature has endowed butterflies with such beautiful colors and intricate patterns. This richly orchestrated song explains Nature's method behind the madras. Twister: Put on your retro dancing shoes. It's time to do the Twister! Do the dance that's taking the country by 'storm.' Remember what happened to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Get the inside spin on tornadoes. Stranger Than Fiction: The Rain Forest is home to some of the most unusual flora and fauna anywhere. Let's meet and greet three wild and crazy species. Liquids: Dance to a Salsa beat, work up a sweat, and quench your thirst for knowledge with this song about the physical properties of liquids. Wrangler: Galileo was a fascinating figure; he perfected the telescope, discovered laws of gravity, and changed the science of astronomy forever. He was also a feisty, argumentative chap, nicknamed 'The Wrangler' by his classmates and students. The Chain of Life Limbo: Life is like a delicate chain; take one animal out of the interconnected links and you're out of sync. The importance of balance within ecosystems is emphasized within a Caribbean beat. Checkin' Out the Bones: The femur is connected to the hipness bone. Get some insights into your insides with this rap about the body's support system. Featuring rapper, Joseph on vocals Colorful Sunday In The Park: Travel to the world of Impressionistic Paris in the late 19th century and take a musical tour of Seurat's famous painting, 'Sunday Afternoon on the Isle de La Grande Jatte,' immediately followed by a short, rapid treatise on Pointillism, sung by Seurat, himself. Black Widow: The much-feared, misunderstood Arachnid is a fascinating subject. Given the Addams Family treatment, this song helps the listener identify and understand this potentially dangerous Arthropod. Cotyledon Conga: Greek/Latin prefixes and suffixes provide the clues to the categorization of leaves by shape. Authentic Latin American rhythms provide an irresistible dance beat. The Ballad of Antigone: Sophocles' rip-roarin', foot stompin', Greek tragedy unfolds in gory detail. Throw away your Cliff Notes, this country song (the country is ancient Greece) tells all.


Artist: Rich Maisel
Title: Singing Encyclopedia
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 9/27/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 617998891123