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Songs for Little Dancers

Songs for Little Dancers

  • By Renee Smith
  • Release 7/10/2001
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $5.98

Product Notes

When the music starts there's something deep inside that wants to move. It won't be denied and fingers click, a foot taps, and the whole body wants to sway from side to side in time to the music! This wonderful feeling, the NEED to dance is something that effects all ages. The 'little dancer' lives inside each and every one of us. When allowed free rein, this dancer can spin, pirouette, leap and remind our spirits to soar! Song For Little Dancers a beautiful collection of original music from Song of the Sirens, was written with that little dancer in mind. It will get you moving in delight and all restraints will slip away as your spirit dances in time to the music. The little child and the nimble octogenarian will feel the power of this music to awaken and invigorate, to encourage and to exhilarate! This music will call forth the playful and light-hearted spirit of the child, and the energy and exuberance of youth can be tapped into and benefited from. Music and dance are life affirming, health inducing, and the rewards that are reaped are both tangible and immeasurable. About the Author: Renée Smith M.D. is a composer, poet, and child psychiatrist practicing in Irvine, California. She understands the importance of music throughout the life of individuals and believes that music can be a wonderful medium to facilitate psychologic growth and health. Her music collections are for both children and adults because the songs reach out and touch the little child inside in ways that words alone never can. Renée lives with her husband, children, & dogs, and plans to write music as long as she lives. Her sixth CD, Songs of the Ocean, is due to be released in the fall of 2001.


Artist: Renee Smith
Title: Songs for Little Dancers
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 7/10/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 686956000525
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