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~ Rappinrhymes Partnership

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

Barber Barber is a great nursery rhyme which we've set to rock-n-roll music. It has a very catchy beat and can stay in your head for hours. Select this one only if you don't mind seeing your tiny tots jumping around the room. Barber Barber (can you shave my pig?) is a tune you'll delight in every time you play it. Listen to the sample and see if this is a sound your little ones and you will find entertaining. Hickory Dickory Dock is the nursery rhyme about the mouse and the clock. This song is set to a reggae rhythm and will definitely set your feet to moving and your fingers to snapping. A nursery rhyme to remember! Most tunes for children will before long create a wry face on the parent but not this tune. Hickory Dickory Dock, like it's sister tunes in RappinRhymes music collection, will put a smile on your face which will last until the last beat fades... Humpty Dumpty is the classic children's rhyme set to modern music. This was one of our first creations and one of our test market's favorite. You'll find the beat infectious and your children will want to hear it over and over and over again. We've provided a sample audio for you to help you decide if this classic children's jewel will make you pat your feet. This rhyme from the heart of our cultural past, now put to RappinRhyme music, will gently elbow it's way to reside among your favorite in children's music. Do you remember the Little Miss Muffett children's nursery rhyme? We all used to be afraid of spiders. Now here is a little cool song put to modern, energetic music telling Miss Muffett's story--by an onlooker! This is definitely a refreshingly new spin on an old nursery rhyme. I'm sure your children will find this song very entertaining! RappinRhymes will become a fast favorite when you're looking for party music for the tiny tots. Try this musical jewel and see for yourself! Everyone knows about Jack and the Candlestick. This is a classic rhyme and now it's set to music. You and yours will consider this one of the most memorable works you've ever owned. This collection would not have been complete without this classic. The music and the energy are unforgettable. You'll see what I mean when the cavorting starts. The little ones won't be able to sit still and the big ones won't believe their ears. One Two Three Four Five is a song based on a child's little fishing mishap. It's cute and fun and creatively done. This is one you'll definitely want to keep. Try this one on your kids and see what their reaction will be. You'll both be thinking 'fish' for quite awhile afterward. Southern fried, gold quality rhyme set to music. You've really got to get this one! Star Light Star Bright is a very wistful song which mentions a number of things children must surely wish for. The music has a rhythm that will draw you in and hold your attention. Just imagine what your kids will think when they hear it. Star Light Star Bright underlines the average child's fantasy-driven hopes while entertaining all who hear it with it's attractive rhythms and beats. The Cock Doth Crow is a great piece of music with lyrics stating wisdom. Fun and smart too. Listen closely and see if you agree with any of the statements..I'll bet the music will agree with you. It's actually one of my favorites. This will be the tune you'll find yourself thinking of after the music stops. Do yourself and your child a favor and include this tune in your selection! The Mulberry Bush is a great piece which incorporates several voices to tell this nursery rhyme. When you hear 'This is the way we wash our hands...' it will take you back a lot of years to a different time. The music is embracing and the fun and energy this song generates will make it a quick favorite. A sample is available to help you decide if you want to add this classic piece to your collection. Tom Tom the Piper's Son has within it a lesson which is played up well in this wonderful adaptation. You'll enjoy the music and the message and a not too subtle reference to a modern scam. See if you can catch the reference.. Tom Tom the Pipers Son is a great song which will be enjoyed by all who hears it.

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    Artist: Rappinrhymes Partnership
    Title: Rappinrhymes
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 8/3/2010
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637653359
    UPC: 884502685411
    Item #: SRD268541
    This product is a special order