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Punkstar Rising

Punkstar Rising


~ Punkstar

(Duplicated CD)
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CD $11.98
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Product Notes

Punkstar Kindergarten Punk. The perfect gift from all the "bad uncles" in the world who want to unleash the "moshpit monster" inside every child. Imagine Green Day, The Ramones and The Clash in the same kindergarten class. Having a collective temper tantrum. These songs reflect the real interests and fears of the kindergarten set. A world full of animals, ghosts, getting your own way and dishing out the spanks. Let's be honest, you don't get the blues without a long history of repression and you don't get punk, without getting your butt paddled. No justice. No peace. Punkstar embraces the short attention span of the kindergarten set with the golden rule: "no song over two minutes. The sound is gritty and raw. The only bubblegum you'll find here is stuck under the desk. These songs won't teach your kids to share their toys or to wait patiently in line. They drive them off their seats and get them bouncing off the walls. We highly recommend that you don't try using this as "bedtime" music. Warning: If you care about understanding the lyrics, you're too old to listen. Cole Bergersen Singer/Songwriter Cole Bergersen is the six-year-old creative force behind Punkstar. A new voice for Generation K. Writing most of the songs at the kitchen table. Vocalizing his air guitar riffs, as he sings the words. Other songs, he writes at the mic. Embracing the moment and just letting the music flow. This CD was originally recorded as a going-away present to Cole's classmates on the last day of kindergarten. Minus the controversial "Kick My Brother (in the nuts)" which his mother forbade him from ever recording. Cole is hardly a perfectionist. Creative inspiration does not include coloring within the lines. In fact, re-recording vocals is like pulling teeth for Cole. You better get it right the first time or know how to edit in Garageband. At one dark period in his young life, Cole would only scat. Almost bringing an end to the band. But after a "creative nap," Cole re-embraced the English language and began writing songs again. Cole likes playing the harmonica, feeding live crickets to his lizards and playing goalie for his PeeWee ice hockey team (not your typical SoCal activity). Cole's also the baby of the family. He may be six but really wants to be four. Constantly, demanding your attention (good or bad). Cole likes listening to Green Day's American Idiot (but insists we call them Red Day), The Stray Cats Greatest Hits and The Jonas Bros (but, honestly, he's more intrigued by their bodyguard, Big Rob). The Songs Komodo Dragon. This is our hit single in the making. The opening riff grabs you by the throat and won't let go until it chews all it's poisonous saliva into your nervous system. Kids have a visceral response to this song. They hafta get up and move. Dad's guitar solo captures the chaotic nuance of Kinks guitarist Dave Davies. Just barely staying on the rails. I Wanna Go Home. And Cole means it! He's the baby of the family and willing to use that wedge to get his way. This tune has bit of a Chemical Brothers vibe. Kick My Brother. Warning: This song promotes violence towards fraternal testicles. You may want to buy your boys a cup, after they hear this. Caliente. A hardcore punk song inspired by East LA punk bands like The Plugz with the backbone of Jack White. The "Repo Man" soundtrack still rules. Go buy it! The lyrics put Cole's Spanish-Immersion education to good work. Alley Cat. A celebration of domestic animals gone feral. Barking out lyrics with a raw sound to back it up. Get Away Animals. The rockabilly edge to this tune reflects Cole's love of the Stray Cats. Wide West. This cowpunk tune sounds like The Ramones got into a head-on collision with a cattle carrier driven by Primus. Warning: People using seizure medication should steer clear of the scat in this cut. Bullrider. We've spent many a night watching bullriding on Vs. So why not write a song about it? Looking 4 Trouble. Dad wrote this one. Revealing his punkabilly love for Reverend Horton Heat. This is the only song mom likes (which is not necessarily a good thing). Skeletons Rise. A bluesy nightmare guaranteed to put the chills in any child. The "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" for this generation. The Big Sell Sadly, words cannot accurately describe any song. But thanks to CDBaby, you can just click and listen. This music is not for the "safety moms" in the world who want their kids to grow up on The Wiggles or Puff The Magic Dragon (hypocritically denying the fact that it's a drug song). But if you have personal knowledge of the trouble these "safety moms" stirred up in high school and college, this just might be the tonic to shake them out of their suburban malaise. For those of you who need a philanthropotic angle to purchase this guilty pleasure, a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause. Buying Cole a fire-bellied toad or a Pacman frog. He keeps changing his mind. If you're the kind of person who likes to buy loud toys that annoy parents, this is the perfect gift from you!

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    Artist: Punkstar
    Title: Punkstar Rising
    Genre: Children's
    Attributes: Duplicated CD
    Release Date: 7/16/2009
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637547111
    UPC: 884502144147
    Item #: 1272901X