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Positively Negative

Positively Negative


~ Positively Negative

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CD $11.98
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Product Notes

About Positively Negative Positively Negative started in about 1992 when two L.A. songwriters/producers put their talents together in order to create a top 40 (POP) music project to bring people together. The idea or concept started with themselves. Both Raymond Lee Rish and Bill Rotberg found that they had the same values, philosophies, and motivations, even though each of them came from totally different environments. What one could not do, the other could pick up. Raymond was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. A typical city life. Meanwhile, Bill was born and raised in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. A typical suburban boy. Both felt then, that if both of them are much a like - thinking and having the same direction, just like paternal brothers - then society, as a whole, could get together. So, they decided to pour a little positive energy into such a negative society. Thus, Positively Negative was born! 'It's all about the respect and the understanding of people,' says Rish as he describes their teamwork. 'But as for Bill, I believe he's really a lost brother I just didn't know about.' 'Yeah, it's really weird, but cool,' adds Rotberg.' Both of us can be working in harmony (no pun intended J) on a project together for hours and later realize we never spoke a word!' One would never think that these two individuals would even know each other. Raymond is always fashionably dressed while Bill's idea of fashion is new Levi's jeans (no holes) and his favorite tee-shirt. Raymond Lee Rish stands 6'5' while Bill Rotberg is only 5'7'. And yes, Rotberg is a little guy while Rish is large. 'When we're outside, Ray always tells me when it's raining 15 minutes before it finally reaches me - so I'm always ready. And the reason I'm so white is because he's always blocking the sun!' jokes Rotberg. On the more serious side, Positively Negative hopes that their 'uni-cultural' music will bring people together. Their vast song collection consists of many great musical styles such as MOR, Rock, Reggae, Pop ballads, Mid-Tempos, R&B/Dance and House style. Each song is produced in such a way that their fans hear a common element in each song - a message that tells it all. Even though this re-released CD only includes 5 songs, those five, show a strong diversity in their writing. 'It's time to bring down the color bars which will help stop the state of confusion we're in', Rish states. Rotberg continues, 'It's a crime for people to be this way towards each other in this time and age.' So, from the heart - to music - to the real world. We'll have to see. Join us in our quest for peace. It starts with you. Stay tuned for our New release in November 2004!!!

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    Artist: Positively Negative
    Title: Positively Negative
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 10/12/2004
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637435768
    UPC: 634479053351
    Item #: CDBY905335
    This product is a special order