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Cruisin' with the Consonants

Cruisin' with the Consonants


~ Phonic All Stars

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CD $33.98
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Product Notes

The Phonic All Stars parade as an assembly of 45 talented full sized characters who are the inspiration and creative explosion of Speech Pathologist extraordinaire - Katrine Elliott-Patton. After 20 years of dedication to the profession, Katrine witnessed time and again the desperate need for a solution to dull-boring teaching programs, long waiting lists for therapy, and limited financial and human resources to help kids develop their speech, language and literacy skills on a global scale. This entertainment phenomenon grew from the frustration of not being able to deliver the benefits and CURE for so many human communication conditions that impact and limit many individuals education opportunities, employment potential, livelihood, self esteem and self worth. Katrine said, 'Since, this is a topic I know and I can sew...I'll will give it a go!'...and look where this has lead. The Phonic All Stars have the winning ticket to teaching kids about speech sounds, phonics, language, reading, and spelling. Each Phonic All Star represents their favourite speech sound by the sound that they make (Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner likes the 'vvvvv' sound because it is the purring-grumble sound she makes when vacuuming'). Lessons are to be gained on how all the speech sound like 'ch' - 'r' - 'z' are made using the parts of our mouth...Do you know how a 'j' is made? It's just not taught at school! The characters also strive to inform and educate kids about understanding effective behaviour and finding their personal potential. The Phonic All Star sound tracks provide the musical ammunition behind a strongly constructed education program. You will be blown away by the talent that Australia has to offer on the Gold Coast with the team at Big Note Productions. Katrine describes recording days as, ' 2 days of absolute madness between such exquisitely talented artists in one room. It is almost dangerous! We start with my puppet, their archetype, their story and their teaching goal. I usually write the lyrics the night before -fitting in with my jammed packed life as a therapist in private practice, a mum of two awesome kids and a wife (sadly-hubby usually gets crumbs left on the table). After searching for key words with that feature sound (like 't' words for Toby Tap)- I then interface it with the characters story, the speech sound production lessons and some how try to make it rhyme. Then in studio, Adrian Stuckey alchemically molds music into gold while Jennifer Matthews and I rearrange lyrics usually one line in front of Adrian engineering his magic. Instruments fly in and out... no time for nerves as we jump in and out of the booth having more fun than anyone should be aloud to at this age and for for such a serious 'educational' product. Then I frustrate Adrian and Smudge (the engineers) with a demand for unorthodox music structure, slipping in a kaleidoscope of sound effects and syncopated rhythms from my Tap Dancing Days. Usually 8-16 hours later we have given birth to the voice, energy and spirit of another STAR! ... and they forgive me the next day.'

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    Artist: Phonic All Stars
    Title: Cruisin' with the Consonants
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 12/1/2009
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637577555
    UPC: 884502275971
    Item #: SRD227597
    This product is a special order