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On & on

On & on


~ Penny & Pals

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

For the first time, Penny and Pals deliver a fresh take on old, favorite sing-alongs. As usual, you'll hear a mix of catchy musical styles on songs like Head and Shoulders (Cajun-feel), Itsy Bitsy Spider (Funkytown), Down by the Bay (Dixieland), I Wish I Were (Rock 'n Roll), Five Little Monkeys (Cool Jazz) and Boom Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy. But don't worry; we've included a few original tunes, as well, that are sure to be classics of the future. On and On, the title track of the album is a pop music take on Penny's personal philosophy in life: a person should make an effort to grow their skills, talents, network of people and resources and then give it to others - while encouraging and empowering those people to do the same. I Feel Good is a call & response tune with a good message; and The Corny Song is just plain silly and VERY singable. The CD includes 15 total tracks. 'First offical review of the new CD 'AWESOME!! We love it!' from Katie and Jennifer. 'Love, love, love the new CD!' P.I. 'Love the new CD! I wish I a Penny and Pals concert again!' P.B. 'We LOVE the new CD. We listened to Fried Ham, Itsy Bitsy Spider and I feel good all the way back to Fergus!! Thanks again for all that you do!' J.K. Wanted to let you know that the first thing Timothy said to me this morning was 'Can I listen to my new Penny CD?' G.K. 'We love you Penny but I'm afraid that if I hear my kids singing that Fried Ham song one more time I may need to get earplugs. ' P.S.

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    Artist: Penny & Pals
    Title: On & on
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 8/3/2010
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637659220
    UPC: 702935143127
    Item #: CDBYS43127