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Jump on Up!

Jump on Up!


~ Patty Hall

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CD $12.98
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Product Notes

Initially, when Patty Hall asked if I would write the liner notes for her new CD for kids, JUMP 0N UP!, I reacted with the anxiety one might experience when facing a colossal college term paper. After all, the stakes were high. I would be writing about a dear friend who generously shares her multiple talents with audiences all over the world. What could I possibly say that wasn't obvious? I was inclined to politely refuse, but then Patty said, "Pretty please," and that always gets me. The first time I laid eyes (and ears) on Patty, she appeared at the auditions for a Talent Show at Hayward High School in northern California. As a new music teacher on campus, I had agreed to direct the show. When the moment came for this attractive, somewhat shy and awkward young lady to take the stage, there was a ripple of quiet anticipation in the room. She sat on a stool and played. From the first chord on her banjo to the last note of the vocal phrase, there was little doubt that Patty was destined to make music. Through the years I have happily followed Patty's creative journey as a musician, songwriter, author, humorist, and mischief-maker. The fact that Patty loves mischief is well-documented. As a member of the high school singing ensemble I led, she used to pinch the boys seated around her, and when they reacted, sit back innocently in her seat, waiting for them to receive a reprimand. Today, her love of tomfoolery is often evident during the audience participation portion of her performances. She seems to shine with an extra "glow" when the little boy playing maracas displays his enthusiasm for rhythm by beating every object within reach. I'm not suggesting that Patty endorses mayhem. Controlled chaos would be more accurate. It should come as no surprise then, that Patty's spark for writing and performing music incorporates both her humor and her love of life. She has refined her skills and polished to perfection her "down home" delivery. The songs Patty has chosen to include on this CD personify an ongoing dedication to fun, and the art through which it can be shared. Kids will react spontaneously to the joy of Patty's music. Adults, who sometimes suffer from the symptom of being "too cool", may need a few toe taps to kick-start the magic. Whichever category listeners may find themselves in, a very special treat is in store. It's show time. Get ready to Jump 0n Up! ALBERT EATON Rio Vista, California *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Patty Hall'S JUMPIN UP! SONGS Patty Hall HASN'T FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO BE A KID. And that includes singing loud, clapping hard, and strutting your stuff to good music. So, she's come up with this new CD for kids called JUMP ON UP! That invites them to do just that. JUMP ON UP! Filled with folksongs, rounds, and ditties that celebrate make-believe critters, come-alive toys, and kids growing up. Patty's tunes about horsemen, cowboys and crocodiles; frogs and dogs hail from the U.S., British Isles, Canada, and Eastern Europe in styles ranging from ballads to blues; calypso to rockabilly. Some, Patty learned at folk festivals and summer camp. Others, she learned from family and fellow musicians and other songwriters. And, there are some new JUMPIN' UP! ^#^songs Patty has written herself. You'll get to sing along with all of them, and don't worry if you don't know the words-they're easy to learn, and lyrics are included in the CD booklet. YOU'LL HEAR FAMILIAR INSTRUMENTS like guitar, banjo, piano, and accordion and keyboard. And some unusual ones too, like resonator guitar, Djembe (African drum), Celtic harp, Trinidadian steel drums, and a Bodhran (Irish drum). Before you know it, you'll be joining in, helping out with rhythm, and maybe even dancing, because Patty's JUMPIN' UP! ^#^songs inspire humming, call for drumming, and encourage strumming. JUMPIN UP SONGS AREN'T JUST FOR KIDS. If you're a grownup, not to worry--come on and join the fun. Between the camp songs, sing-alongs, and golThe songs on will have you singing along and jumpin' up as high as any young'un! JUMPIN UP SONGS CELEBRATE RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY™. Among them are Patty's newest JUMPIN' UP! ^#^songs are ones she's written about America's favorite rag dolls, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, and their make-believe friends. Complementing themes of books she's written about Johnny Gruelle's rag dolls, they reflect the spirit and positive core values embodied by the Raggedys. GET READY TO JUMP! So, now it's your turn! Come make a joyful noise with Patty, as she showcases the wonders of music and celebrates the joy of being a kid. Bet you anything, by the time you can count to fifty-'leven, you'll be jumpin' up for sure!

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    Artist: Patty Hall
    Title: Jump on Up!
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 2/14/2012
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637901914
    UPC: 826610070727
    Item #: 106004X
    This product is a special order