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Campfire Sing-Along
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CD $12.98

Orange Sherbet and Hot Buttered Rum mix things up in the kitchen with bluegrass & folk traditionals & originals. Then, families cook campfire rounds. Lastly, Dan Zanes jumps in the stew as a guest artist on One Man Band. Tasty! This collaboration created rich layers of song & tradition, and was truly a group effort. Campfire Sing-Along is steeped in the rich sounds of American Roots Music, while managing to create a new sound for the campfire sing-along. Hello to all lovers of the sweet, the tangy, the tasty Orange Sherbet! We've been playing family concerts for 8 years now and the fun keeps on coming. Jill and I love to mix in the jazz and bluegrass, but we also wouldn't feel the treat was complete without a little blues and funk... We've been playing all over The Bay Area, from The Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco, The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Marin, to La Peña and Ashkenaz in Berkeley. We also play at parties, private events, schools, festivals, and fairs. Writing, recording, and performing original children's music has become a seriously fun habit and we really can't imagine ever quitting! So Jill teaches the best music classes ever. I mean, where else could you find a rabbit growing to four times his size because he keeps stealing vegetables from your garden? I'm talking an actual stuffed rabbit who starts out tiny and ends up filling a moving box by his fourth incarnation. Music for Children has children singing, dancing, acting, reading, playing and 'doing' the music, and you will never go crazy hearing the same thing every week because the lesson plans have different themes and songs. Jill got her BA in music education and studied classical & jazz singing in college, so I guess that's why she has such amazing chops. Her original band, JP Orbit, has been playing together since high school, and she finally married Steve after college once they confessed their secret love for each other since childhood. You can count on her playing either guitar, piano, recorder, trumpet, or the kazoo on any given day. Tamsen travels around to parties and events when she's not playing with Orange Sherbet or visiting her husband at the Farmer's Market while he sells the bread they bake at Headlands Center for the Arts in their wood-fired brick oven. In the past she spent way too much time as a nanny and many families have told her she should be the one hosting nanny reality T.V. Since her family is spread across the globe they party and sing when they have reunions, and she will never forget the songbooks and the player piano her Uncle David had at his house in Cleveland Ohio. Tamsen studied classical, jazz, and gospel singing in college, so her chops are pretty great too. She started writing, recording, and performing original music ten years ago as a form of free therapy and was thrilled to start writing music for families because the subject matter was much more interesting and humorous than lost love. Where else could you write a song about a banana split on wheels surrounded by palm trees and blue skies seen as a painting that was for sale at a Mission Cafe? Now that her daughter is turning three, she's also finding more time to practice her sax and congas, and Malin has been blowing on the trumpet during their music sessions. Musical Theatre was also a childhood tradition and while it hasn't found it's place in the group yet, we all hope it will soon. Discography: Orange Sherbet Family Music Campfire Sing-Along 2007 Big Brother, Big Sister 2005 Ridin' 2003 Jackson's Lullaby 2001 Tamsen Fynn Acoustic Rock Miles Away 2003 Solitaire 1999 Jill Pierce/ JP Orbit Upbeat Groove Long Ride 2004 Heavy 2001.

Title: Campfire Sing-Along
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Hot Buttered Rum
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/21/2012
Product Type: CD
UPC: 796873068208
Item #: 207607X

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