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Bubble Love Radio

Bubble Love Radio


~ Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles

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CD $11.98
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Product Notes

As a child, Mr. Chris used to spend days at a time carrying around his portable cassette player/recorder. One day, with his brothers, while it was raining outside, and while sitting inside the house completely bored, they decided to have some fun with their parent's vinyl. Using a large toy chest as a desk, a pretend microphone, a record player, 100's of vinyl from the 60's & 70's and a cassette player, they used their imagination to create a fictitious radio station program. This would occupy them for weeks at a time. And still to this day, they have their recorded programs on cassette. Mr. Chris also used to take very long road trips with his family as a child. He had a brother that was 3 years younger and a brother that was 10 years younger. That being said, Mr. Chris's mother would rotate music during the long road trips, and the entire family was subjected to a kind of children's music that used to drive all of them, except for his youngest brother, crazy. It would get Mr. Chris thinking 'why does children's music stink so bad'. The idea of Bubble Love Radio, comes from these experiences, Mr. Chris had as a child. As an educator, Mr. Chris has exposed himself to dozens of different children's artists from all over the world. He wanted to create a different sounding children's album, one that didn't sound the same as everyone else. He also wanted to create an album that shows children and even adults too, what good can come from using your imagination. In today's world, it seems that children don't necessarily have the tools to easily record their idea's and voices (in the same way Chris did back in the 1980's). Another key note for this album is the fact that Mr. Chris wants parents to equally enjoy the music as much as children do. Why? Because, if parents enjoy the music, they'll feel inclined to get up and dance. If children see their parents dancing, it become infectious, and the children immediately respond by dancing too. It's this togetherness that Mr. Chris is trying to revive; parents and children equally enjoying something fun, together. This album took over 3 years to complete. Mr. Chris had a few original Gassy Bubble members hop on board to help complete the project. He also included his children on the album, and asked his wife Lisa to create the album cover. Which is why, to date, this is Mr. Chris' most important creation. Bubble Love Radio starts off the same way the idea started off 25 years ago, with a thunderstorm. From that point on, Mr. Chris & his children use their imagination to create a pretend radio station called Bubble Love Radio. The album mirrors what a radio broadcast would sound like. It includes taking phone requests and random funny conversations. The music Mr. Chris & his children play on their pretend radio program is only Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles music. The music includes new compositions as well as new hip versions of a few traditional children's songs such as 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

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    Artist: Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles
    Title: Bubble Love Radio
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 2/18/2014
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5638266445
    UPC: 888174680347
    Item #: 1179663X
    This product is a special order