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Monster Rockers

Monster Rockers


~ Monster Rockers

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

Monster Rockers' core mission is to provide character building / educational materials to elementary school aged children and giving them the opportunity to interact with real life, everyday situations in a fun and creative learning experience. About the Music: In today's market, it seems children's music ends at about the age of five with Sesame Street and Barney. Then they are thrown into the teen market of Britany Spears and N'SYNC. This raises an important question, 'When is a child no longer a child?' As a child grows and their first musical genre is coming to an end, they are rushed into a pre-teen genre in which they do not have the maturity level to comprehend the content of the songs. The lyrics to the songs are far to adult in nature in relation to the age of some of their listeners. What we intend to do with our music is to provide an 'Adult Sound' with lyrics for our target audience, children. We feel we can bridge the gap between today's children's music and the pre-teen market with quality sound and content. About the Stories: The content of the stories consists of different situations of everyday life that many, if not all, children are sometimes faced with. The stories are kept short and are done in script form, similar to a play, so we can maintain reader interest throughout the duration of the story/song. The stories themselves do not merely state what is right or wrong in a given situation - the intent is to let the reader ponder what is transpiring and form their own opinions, thoughts or feelings on the subject matter. The song lyrics are consistent with the stories - they provide food for thought' on the situation at hand, not answers. We feel children like to think, to be stimulated mentally and emotionally and need their ideas to be heard. We incorporate these ideas within the book. After each section is a page dedicated to these ideas on the different topics prompted by the stories. About the Characters: The characters came out of a need for positive role models. Each 'character personality' is derived from different 'character traits' we all have.

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    Artist: Monster Rockers
    Title: Monster Rockers
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 11/12/2002
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637404612
    UPC: 9780966976205
    Item #: 250673X
    This product is a special order