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We're Gonna Hop
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CD $11.98

What inspired you to create "We're Gonna Hop"? When Bruce and I had our daughter Lindsay, I'd sing these little songs to her. Lindsay loved them. We were still singing them together in the car 10 years later! It dawned on me that other kids might love these too. Lindsay is now 15 and I feel these songs have contributed to our extra close bond. Where did you get the idea for these songs? Some are traditional like "Skip to My Lou" and "Paw Paw Patch", which I've always loved. But others just "happened". Like "Baby Monkey" came to me one day while my mom, Lindsay and Lindsay's friend, Will, were hiking up El Salto Mountain. My mom put Will on her back. And I just started singing "there was a baby monkey on a mamma monkeys ee." This happened quite a bit. I'd come up with little songs. The same thing happened with "Hip Hip Hip". Lindsay was about 4 and we were hanging out in the living room and I started singing "Hip Hip Hip a potamus..." and she started dancing. Did you sing Lindsay to Sleep? Of course! I loved holding my baby and singing her to sleep. One of my favorites was "Mocking bird". So I hear you come from an old Hollywood family? I guess so...I'm the daughter of actor Robert Walker, Jr., and the granddaughter of actor Robert Walker Sr., and Academe award winning actress Jennifer Jones . Did you pursue Acting? Yes. I studied acting in Holly wood, went out on auditions, did a lot of theater and landed a few soap rolls on General Hospital and Days of our Lives . But when I got pregnant, I knew in my heart I was not going to pursue acting. I wanted to focus on raising our child out of Hollywood. So my husband Bruce and I moved our little family to Taos, New Mexico. Did you ever study Voice? Yes, for about three years. My grandmother, Jennifer, arranged for me to study three times a week with singing coach Seth Riggs. Seth's students included Bette Middler, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Waylon Jennings and Stevie Wonder. He was an amazing teacher. He really believed in me and helped me find my voice. It was with Seth that I realized singing was my passion. Looking back on my childhood, my mom was always singing, whether she was in the shower or we were shopping at the market she was singing. It was so embarrassing! Isn't your mom on the CD? Yeah! My mom, Ellie, is tap dancing up a storm and singing with me on "Paw Paw Patch". So when did you turn this idea into a real project? I'd been carrying some of these little songs around in my heart for 13 years. Then something magical happened. I approached my long time friend Greg Martin who is a wonderful musical and song writer. I asked him to meet me in a black box theater lobby with his guitar. I shared a few of my melodies with him . And together we came up with bridges, additional verses and shaped my melodies into real songs. As time and money allowed we would book musicians and recording time. Finally, after 3 years we are thrilled to bring you "We're Gonna Hop". We can't wait to share it with the world!

Title: We're Gonna Hop
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Michelle McIntosh
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 11/13/2007
Product Type: CD
UPC: 837101418492
Item #: SRD141849
This product is a special order

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