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Music Time

Music Time


~ Mario Lanzilotta & the Music Time Band

(Duplicated CD)
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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

"My kids sing these songs every day. They love it!" "It's the perfect classroom tool, always inspiring a new lesson plan." "I love listening to listen to it in the car with the kids." 1. Sunshine - is a kids' rock anthem - where the kids rule! "My friends are here and now it's clear. We're walking on Sunshine." 2. Homework Blues - is a fantastic journey that promotes good organizational habits. "Where should I put my homework, when I'm all finished it?" 3. Having Fun - is an upbeat song with lots of animal sounds, train whistles and lazer beams to recognize on each verse. All the while encouraging kids to play fair, enjoy their time, and have fun! 'I'm Having Fun!" 4. Rainy Days - helps to cool things off, when kids are stuck inside to play. "Oh no, it's raining! What can we do inside?" 5. Friends Forever - is the FF in BFF, a song about the best thing ever... Friends!! "Come on everybody, let's be friends!" 6. Going Green - is a beautiful sing-along about protecting the Environment, which introduces ideas about recycling, energy conservation, and wild life protection. "The Earth is green and the Ocean is blue. There are lots of things that we can do... to Go Green." 7. Thanksgiving - is a holiday song about the great autumn feast, where we stop to think about all the things we are thankful for throughout the year. "I'm thankful for my family, because they love and care for me." 8. Presidents Song - not only asks the listener... Who was the oldest, the youngest, the smallest and the tallest of US Presidents? But... Who could be the next President? "Could it be you, or could it be me, if we wanted to be?" 9. Teacher Please - is a song that encourages kids to have the confidence to ask the Teacher a question in class, even when they are not so sure about a certain subject or lesson at school. The jazzy nature of the song makes it fun and could easily be transformed into a sing along, dance number or short play. "Teacher, could you please... repeat that one more time?" 10. End of the Day - is great for end of the day activities, such as cleaning up and getting ready to leave. It reminds the young listeners to take care of their belongings, check that nothing is left behind, and prepare for the journey home. "Pick up your lunch box and brush off your coat. Get on the school bus and off we go!" 11. Thanksgiving (Bonus) - is the sing-along version of this original holiday song. "Cause I'm thankful, all year long..."

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    Artist: Mario Lanzilotta & the Music Time Band
    Title: Music Time
    Genre: Children's
    Attributes: Duplicated CD
    Release Date: 11/15/2011
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637827655
    UPC: 885767851931
    Item #: 634018X
    This product is a special order