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Lullaby Layne

Lullaby Layne


~ Layne

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CD $19.98
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Product Notes

I believe that music is as natural and necessary as the air we breath. We are constantly surrounded by music; in movies, advertising, the stores where we shop, when we gather together to rejoice or to mourn. It is one of the first things our babies respond to, and in the still moments of our own lives it is music, some partially forgotten lullaby from our past perhaps, that refreshes our souls and enlightens our minds. We need to participate in music and must do so from the very beginnings of our lives. I want children to be surrounded by good music, encouraged to make their own, and to feel as comfortable and natural in the world of music as they are in the world of play and imagination. I truly believe that we, as adults, need music for our well-being also. When you hear a favorite song, doesn't it make you feel better? Many people believe that expensive and lengthy education is necessary to make music. That without it a person cannot claim membership in the musical world. And while I agree that we should study music critically in the same manner that we study English or math or any other necessity of society, we should never forget that music is the language of our emotions and we should always find joy in it first. I walked the path of formal musical training and have taught music; flute, piano, and voice, to children and adults alike for many years. I felt the fear and the joy of performance and the satisfaction of passing my love and knowledge of music to my students. I've tremendous respect for truly great musicians and music teachers and I'm always amazed at the talent that they have developed. However, just as the great talent of Shakespeare does not exclude the rest of us from using the English language, lack of extensive training in musicianship should not preclude our participation in it. We all can make sound, certainly then we all could make enjoyable sounds! And the more we do learn about music, the more we can enjoy and appreciate it. My first desire in music is for the children. That is why I wanted my first release to be lullabies. In any endeavor the beginning is the most important part and what is more important than the beginning of a human life? I wanted to share the most fundamental aspects of our lives; the love we have for our children, the awe we feel in the creation of nature, the respect we hold in the beauty of life itself. I chose and arranged songs to express the immense joy I feel when I see the twinkle of starlight reflected in my daughter's eyes. I am inspired by the simple existence of her tiny life and humbled to know I was chosen to be the steward of her young being. So this, my first CD, is a celebration of the joy our children bring to our lives. I made it for you who are doing the most humbling and intimate work ever conceived and for all those joyful little beginnings that you watch over each night. My hope is that these enchanting, tender songs capture how your soul sings as you hold your little ones and marvel at all they are, all that they mean, all they will yet become. Please enjoy these gentle melodies and rejoice in the little ones in your life. -With joy in music and life, Layne.

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    Artist: Layne
    Title: Lullaby Layne
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 2/1/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637369877
    UPC: 825346748726
    Item #: CDBY674872
    This product is a special order