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Lotsa Little Laughs /  Various

Lotsa Little Laughs / Various


~ Various Artists

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CD $17.98
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Product Notes

'Lotsa Little Laughs' is collection of over a hundred different babies and young children laughing their little hearts out, divided up into groupings or 'songs ' that are similar in style. This year long project by Eric and Jaine Grundmanis was inspired by their adopted daughter Kaviya. In the fall of 1994, a wee little Kaviya from India joined their family in Canada. Even through her grief and tremendous loss of everything that she has come to know in the orphanage where she had lived for her first three years of life, she gifted the family with her laughter. Kaviya's particular brand of laughter has many stages; all of them unique and very contagious. Because of Kaviya, Eric and Jaine decided to reach the world at large with the joy and laughter of many children. This project is designed to uplift the mood of anyone that listens to it. Perfect for listening in short durations, Lotsa Little Laughs was featured on radio and print across North America when it was first released. Listening to laughter has been shown to have the same benefits as actually laughing, making these tracks the perfect pick me up for anyone feeling a little down. The following first names are the laughing participants listed in order on each track. #1...Kaviya, Judith, Rebecca &Natasha, Jaclyn, Nigel, Paige, Liam H., Hannah, Meghan, Katie, Kaviya & Rebecca & Natasha. #2...Alyssa & Lauren, Emmett, Antony, William T., Rebecca C., Graham, Nimai, Colton, Lindsay, Shane. #3...Elizabeth, Jonathan, Ben, Spencer, Cole, Olivia & Rebecca & Natasha, Nicole, Richard, Sarah M.,Kaitlyn, Cypress, Rachel & Thomas Y. #4...Callum G., Julien, Liam C., Olivia, Kaviya, Sam. #5...Matthew & Tyler (twins), Rebecca & Natasha (twins), Lily & Kiera (twins), Alyssa & Lauren (sibs), Stephen & Benjamin (sibs), Amber & William (sibs), Jessica & Alex (sibs), Elizabeth & Thomas (sibs). #6...Aliza, Natasha & Kaviya & Rebecca, Keenan, Clayton & Crysta & Kyra (triplets). #7...Olivia, Samantha, Brechelle, Dylan C., Callum H., Zachery, Nicholas, Dylan B., Alisha. Natacha M., Jessica, Kiera &Lily, Carell-James (C.J.), Dylan W., Kyra & Crysta, & Clayton, Pamela, Thomas E., Nicklaus, Taylor, Shaylynn, Matthew M., Keelan -Cassidy - Keelan-Cassidy. #8...Dhruva, Armand, Sarah M., Vaughn, Erica & Rya, Liam H. #9... Alex, Shania & Tamika, Sarah B., Robina, Kyra, Thomas Y., Aidan Rhea, Alyssa & Lauren, Kaviya.

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    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Lotsa Little Laughs / Various
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 6/17/2000
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5638207527
    UPC: 620106911828
    Item #: 1071861X
    This product is a special order