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Lord Shepherd & His Sheep Shed /  Various

Lord Shepherd & His Sheep Shed / Various


~ Various Artists

(Duplicated CD)
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CD $15.98
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Product Notes

'From my standpoint, being the producer of Sheep Shed, I got to have so much fun creating the scenes, setting the dialogue to sound effects and making the transitions to the music. Craig Russell and I both laughed and shed a few tears as even though we were so close to the scenes, they touched our hearts in a special way. The story and truth of it all remains the same, we all need to follow Jesus.' Tad Suckling........The original composer of the award winning island song, 'The Moloka'i Slide', the 1984 Engineer and Producer of 'Lord Shepherd and His Sheep Shed." and 2014 second edition. "The first thing a child needs to grasp about Jesus is that He loves us and that we need his love, guidance and protection throughout our lives. Katrina Miller has done a beautiful job of illustrating this, both in her writing and through a series of memorable songs. Introduce your children to the Lord Shepherd through this fun and meaningful collection.... John Standefer (guitarist on the project) A world-class fingerstyle guitarist and winner of the 2002 National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, winner of 2004 International Home of the Legends Competition and performs yearly at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society. 'Parables communicate to us on so many levels, don't they? There is a deeply interwoven richness beyond what lies on the surface. And so it is with this delightful musical, parable for children, "Sheep Shed." It draws young and old into an engaging story, while communicating eternal truths at a heart level. For the young---and the ones who need to become like little children--I highly recommend it!" Diana Waring........ Author and speaker who is highly regarded for her popular and energy-filled history presentations at conferences across North America. I absolutely love and highly recommend "The Lord Shepherd and His Sheep Shed" by Katrina Miller. My children, husband and I played and enjoyed listening to it many times over the years. It beautifully teaches the love of the Lord and the lesson of the parable of the lost sheep from God's holy word in Matthew 18:11-14 & Luke 15:3-7. I also bought several copies to share with my family and friends, all of whom loved it too. My husband and I taught a Sunday school class for 1st to 3rd graders and played it for them as well. The kids wanted us to play it over and over! When one of my students told me he was moving... I gave him a tape as a going away present. He was so happy with his present, he was moved to tears. Thirty years later and I still cry listening to the "Shepherd's Song". Happy tears, knowing how much our Lord loves and cares for us. Thank you, Katrina for blessing me and mine with this awesome story. God bless! Marian Boyes I had the honor of taking part in a live production of Katrina Miller's Lord Shepherd and His Sheep Shed as a young child. I have never forgotten my experience, the songs, the lessons, and of course the fact that Lord Shepherd loves me and will never leave me. This story completely follows the Biblical parable of the lost sheep. It is told in a child friendly manner and touches on many other important topics. In the song "Destination" the character wanders off seeking lights and independence but quickly learns that the grass is not greener on the other side and a lost sheep is a very scared sheep. He is "the one" the "lost sheep" that Lord Shepherd sets out to find. The other sheep sing songs about God and his love. One of my favorites is "Follow On" which addresses trusting God and following Him in all circumstances. The characters from the Sheep Shed are relatable and believable. This story is told in a fun, exciting, and memorable way! Your children will quickly be able to repeat the story by memory. As a 37-year old Mom of three young children, I still find myself singing these songs to them. I was recently able to watch a video recording of our performance from my childhood and what a joy it was to experience it all over again! As an added bonus I noticed my husband in the Sheep choir as well! We did not even know each other back then! I enjoy singing the theme song around my house as I claim the promises of our Lord, "We are the sheep, we are the sheep of the sheep shed. No wolves are scattering this fold. He is protecting and providing, and in Him we are abiding. He's the Lord and we're the sheep of the sheep shed!" Erin Lovelace Waller.

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    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Lord Shepherd & His Sheep Shed / Various
    Genre: Children's
    Attributes: Duplicated CD
    Release Date: 3/1/2014
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5638254161
    UPC: 888174620008
    Item #: 1132120X