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Lily's Lullaby Album -Brightest Darkest

Lily's Lullaby Album -Brightest Darkest


~ Lily Fawn

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CD $19.98
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Product Notes

Lily's Lullaby Album might not put you to sleep but it will do 'something' to you. (For optimum enjoyment drink Lily Fawn's Trance Tonic and wear your pajamas.) Lily's little voice sounds like the long lost relative of Julie Cruz (twin peaks), Johanna Newsome or Blossom Dearie. The music is inspired by artists such as; Bjork, Blonde Redhead, Godspeed You Black Emperor, The Residence and local favorite Daddy's Hands. All the songs on her new solo album, Brightest Darkest, involve characters from her Hank Pine and Lily Fawn comic books. Who is Lily? Lily Fawn is one half of the vaudeville-inspired duo called; The Hank Pine and Lily fawn Show. Their act is based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures of their comic book series. Hank is tall mysterious figure and member of a secret dooms day cult called the A.S.S. (Avatars of the Second Sun). Lily is a half-deer, half-human forest creature with a penchant for stealing babies from near by villages in an attempt to save them from the perils of this modern world. It is as though Lily fell out of a 1920's fairytale, innocent and dangerous. She tap-dances and plays the musical saw; trumpet, ukulele, flute, drums and feedback on her first solo release, Brightest Darkest.

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    Artist: Lily Fawn
    Title: Lily's Lullaby Album -Brightest Darkest
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 4/7/2009
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637374444
    UPC: 830159003313
    Item #: CDBY900331
    This product is a special order