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You Must Be Nuts
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CD $16.98

That's Right! The first music CD to be 100% dedicated to helping out children with food allergies. Kyle Dine is an anaphylactic musician on a mission to promote food allergy awareness across the globe. His upbeat and catchy music delivers many important messages encouraging children to learn about dealing with allergies in a fun way! Why sing the blues about having food allergies! With songs including "Tingle on my Tongue, No Dairy Please!, Grocery Store Trip and Stop! Please Don't Feed Me." kids will be singing along with to the fun, catchy and educational music. With help from friends such as Epi-Man, Smellephant the Allergic Elephant, and Dale Evan-Allergy Extinguisher Extraordinaire, Kyle Dine drives home messages that are vital to those growing up with food allergies or intolerances effectively and with FUN! Hear what listeners are saying! 'Finally! Kids with food allergies are going to have a voice, and a way to make themselves heard. I think this is an amazing project, and I can see it having a major impact on the food allergic community. My kids are already humming the songs.' 'My son loves your music, it makes him feel so good to know he's not alone in this world with his allergies. And yes, he wears his bracelet proudly everyday. He tells everyone it's his 'safe' bracelet. Thank you again for what you're doing. I really do feel that you are making a difference.' 'Thank you for your idea, I am sure that many kids will enjoy your songs as they talk about their life. I wish I had that when I was a kid growing up with allergies.' 'Kyle, I think it's great that you are doing something that can help so many little people feel like they are a part of something.' 'Thanks so much for offering this CD for our little ones. My daughter is about to turn 5 and has celiac and allergies to soy, milk, rice, and eggs. She loves the few children's books we've been able to find. They make her feel like she has allergy friends in the world. I'm sure this CD will help make her feel more secure in who she is. That's a great gift to parents as well as our children.' 'I just had to tell you that I completely appreciate the song about Gluten. Yes, these songs are made for children (and I'm 21) but it's great! I have Celiac Disease, and I get really down from time to time because of it, it's such a pain. So now whenever I'm feeling like that I will have to listen to this song, it's awesome!'

Title: You Must Be Nuts
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Kyle Dine
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/8/2007
Product Type: CD
UPC: 844667006551
Item #: CDBY700655

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