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Stick Lady at Wildwood Pond

Stick Lady at Wildwood Pond

  • By Karen Tabla
  • Release 6/2/2009
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $9.98

Product Notes

The Stick Lady has many adventures as she goes walkin', walkin', walkin'. At Wildwood Pond, her friend, Mr. Bullfrog, gets into some close scrapes with Mr. Alligator. Lessons about Obedience, Teamwork, Cheating, Forgiveness, and more are taught in a fun, imaginative and exciting way with these stories and songs. Karen Tabla has been a writer of songs, musicals, plays, stories, and skits since her early childhood. She has been sharing her talent and fun loving spirit with children (and adults!) and has finally published the Stick Lady CD's for everyone's listening pleasure! These upbeat stories and songs make a great entertaining way to share Biblical truths. They're great for enjoyment at home or as a resource for puppets, Sunday School, special programs, and many other ministries. The Stick Lady has traveled with her music and stories to Church Summer Camps, Sunday School Seminars, Christian Schools, libraries, and more. Now kids can have her on CD to listen to and sing with whenever they want! WHO IS THE STICK LADY?! (The true story of how it all began....) A few years ago, I was getting ready to go to Family Camp meeting. I was so excited! I had volunteered to assist with registration on the first day of camp and, after that, I was free from all responsibility! I wasn't required to DO anything at camp! I would be able to kick back and enjoy just being a "camper"! Children's Church was being handled by others. For the first time in many, many years I was going to camp without any props or puppets or construction paper or other teaching tools! Although I've always had a burden for the children's ministry and have loved participating with them, I was looking forward to this change and "rest". I was carpooling to camp with a friend and when she pulled up in my driveway, I was ready to go! We arranged my suitcases in the back of her mini-van. I ran into the house for one last check to see that all was complete. I would exit for the last time through the open garage door and we would be on our way. As I pushed the button to close the garage, I started my sprint to duck under the automatically descending door. In those few brief moments between the garage door button and the waiting mini-van, I passed the workbench and grabbed, of all things, a roll of duct tape that just happened to be lying there. I jumped into the van, threw the duct tape on the floor between my feet and began to buckle my seat belt. Seeing the look of curiosity on the face of my friend as she stared at the big silver roll, I smiled and said, "You never know when you might need a roll of duct tape!" She shrugged her shoulders and we backed out of the driveway. Registration was busy. The time passed quickly. It was 4:50 in the afternoon and we were getting ready to close. Registration would shut down at 5:00 sharp! Suddenly, a shadow blocked the setting sun streaming in through the open doorway. It was the camp director. With a sheepish grin, he approached our table. He looked directly into my eyes and said, "Sister, I can sure use your help." I didn't say anything. I just smiled while inside, my heart was racing! And my stomach jumped and jittered! "The person scheduled to help with Children's Church had a last minute emergency and won't be here. Can you fill in for about fifteen minutes each day? "Sure!", I said. "No problem!", while inside I was cringing as the thoughts of "no props, no puppets, no preparation, not even a crayon or piece of construction paper" raced through my head! I didn't even have a car to run to the nearest Wal-mart! I was at camp in the mountains of Arizona and I was frantically grasping for shreds of ideas. My desperate prayer rolled through the fog of frustration, "Lord, here I am with nothing but a bunch of sticks and a roll of duct tape!" Then the miracle happened. The ideas became a semblance of "hey-this-might-be-fun!" So, at 4:00 a.m., the roll of duct tape was hanging from my wrist. With the aid of a flashlight, I began to gather sticks. I laid the sticks out on a picnic table in rows according to size. Then I stretched the duct tape across the top end of the sticks in each row, making a skirt (longer sticks), a shawl (medium length sticks) and a head-piece (shorter sticks). I donned my new costume and ... The Stick Lady was born! ***************** The Stick Lady went walkin', walkin', walkin'. She told stories and sang songs about her many adventures. Kids absolutely love her! (God loves her, too!) I have tried my best to be obedient to the leading of His Spirit. I have been blessed by the Stick Lady stories and songs and hope they will be a blessing to many, many others. That's why these projects have been published. To God be the glory for all He has done! Karen Tabla Aka: The Stick Lady Endorsement: Bible stories come alive to children in every song and story of this unique product. Timeless truths of God's word are presented in an entertaining, yet clear manner that will appeal to children of all ages. These CD's will be a tremendous resource for anyone working in Sunday School, Youth Camp, Vacation Bible School, Christian School or with their own children at home. Karen Tabla is one of the most talented individuals I know in the area of children's ministries. I am sure you will agree when you listen to the "Stick Lady" stories and songs. Pastor Greg Wilkins Cornerstone Apostolic Church Chandler, Arizona.


Artist: Karen Tabla
Title: Stick Lady at Wildwood Pond
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 6/2/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501053808
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