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Miss Willow's Fence Row

Miss Willow's Fence Row

  • By Kaley Willow
  • Release 7/22/2008
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $10.98

Product Notes

Miss Willow's Fence Row received a nomination in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards Contest in the...Children's Genre; and our song, Some Day Some Way...has also received a Song Nomination ******************************************** Wy Griffith and I are tickled to announce Miss Willow's Fence Row, a 2008 Parents' Choice Award Winner. If you're a parent who's choosy about what your kids are listening to...and like music with an emphasis on positive values, this CD will please you and your children. You will find songs that vary in genre and mood from fun and lively to a few that are more serious yet tenderly written. All gently teach. The animals outside Miss Willow's window seem to work at getting along. If there is some ruffled fur ..(or feathers)..they work it out. Miss Willow's Fence Row is perfect for both home, daycare facility or classroom. Several of the songs have a spring, summer, fall, winter emphasis (Spring Cleaning Time, Berry Berry Good Time, The Babies Are Here, Blessings, Big Blizzard, Snuggled In With Love)and will work well with lesson plans and the school-year calendar. Thank yous..... Without God's gifts, I would not be writing. I am very thankful for any gifts or talents I've been given to share.....Thank you God...for your blessings! A big thank you to our families who offered support and encouragement! A big....thank you to my co-writer, Wyman Griffith, who added 'just' the right words in so many places! A big thank you to James and Georgean Coffey...from Blue Vision Music, LTD.....Jim is a multi-award winning producer and songwriter who arranged, recorded and produced this CD... We can't say enough great things about Jim and Georgean... (also big thanks for transcribing and arranging sheet music for every song on this CD) The true-to-life artwork was done by Deb Hoeffner whose art has graced the covers of everything from U.S. News and World Report to children's books..Thank you Deb. Also: Amy Moser, Vocals (Blue Vision Music Studios). Christine Mascott (Syberdelix Records) layout and design. Front Porch CD, Replication. Mike Dunbar, chord charts. Song Coach, Vikki Flawith. Linda P. Adams, Editing and Proofreading. Just Plain Folks where writers & musicians continue to grow. Charlotte Hannon (Atlanta Music Group) mentor and friend, a constant in both encouragement and honesty. Green Valley Studios, (Alison and Richard Rupert) for their help in recording Dragonfly, Snuggled In With Love, Fence Row Lullaby and Bushy Tails and Fluffy Feathers. And a big thankyou to Ron Tocknell, Great Britain....for doing such a nice job on illustrations for a future Miss Willow's Fence Row Sheet Music and Activity Book.


Artist: Kaley Willow
Title: Miss Willow's Fence Row
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 7/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 826816132021
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