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Flying Free (Gentle Gifts for the Child)
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CD $18.98

JUDY ARMSTRONG, B. Mus. N.T.S., is one of Canada's most versatile artists. As a singer/songwriter, actress, musical director, recording artist, keynote speaker coach and workshop facilitator, she has inspired thousands around the world. Judy writes and records beautiful songs which open hearts, inspire joy and awaken the remembrance of inner knowing. The lyrics contain inspirational messages for all ages, cultures and religions and remind us that we are all One. Judy's songs are written in a variety of musical styles: sometimes light and fun, sometimes deep and knowing - her music addresses the human experience, reaching down inside one's being and bringing light, love and healing. Judy has composed and performed 6 unique CD's which she uses in her concerts, musical keynotes and workshops. "Praise especially for the purity of Judy Armstrong's voice. A couple of times, it filled the hall so quietly and freely, it seemed to be coming from all around us and not from her at all." EYEOPENER, Calgary, Alberta FLYING FREE (Gentle gifts for the Child) A tender tapestry of ten lovely songs, FLYING FREE gifts the child with beauty, grace, safety and innocence. The music nurtures you with intimacy and quietness, transporting you to the inner realms of peace and gentleness. With soft accompaniment of harp, piano, guitar or music celeste, Judy's beautiful voice cradles you with lilting melodies and lyrics which touch the heart. Cherish your little child with this soothing music ... letting go and "flying free."

Title: Flying Free (Gentle Gifts for the Child)
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Judy Armstrong
Label: CD Baby
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 6/1/2009
Product Type: CD
UPC: 776098208528
Item #: 1293261X

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