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Windsong's Lullaby (The Dream Songs)

Windsong's Lullaby (The Dream Songs)

  • By John DeBoer
  • Release 7/3/2014
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $18.98

Product Notes

Zane's Song Wind Songs Lullaby Long before Zane was born Raven asked me to write a song for him using the Native Flute and the day that he is born I want you to play it for him. So I wrote a very slow mellow lullaby with long lyrical notes. It is like the breath of life. Joy has wind chimes at her house that are tuned to orchestra pitch and are huge. Zane's Song's melody are the same notes as the chimes so when the wind blows and you play the flute the chimes actually play different cord structures that sounds like the accompaniment. Joy really loved "Zane's Song" so every time I came over to see her I would play it for her and if the wind wasn't blowing I would move the clapper with my hand and play the native flute with the chimes as they rang out. Some days the wind would make the most beautiful chime cord structures and lofted the music to the sky and inspired us and filled your heart with Joy. The day Zane was born was a little bit hectic and I was worried about Joy and Zane, but finally Zane was born and they said everything was fine. The nurse brought him out to see us and he was crying. I was still a little worried about the little guy. I remembered that Raven had said that I should play Zane's Song for him when he came out. So I put my native flute up to my lips and started to play. As I did he stopped crying and turned his head slightly and with those shinny alert eyes stared right at me for the whole song and didn't make a sound. I knew he was alright! One of the nurses said they had never seen anything like that before. Then the nurses and doctors and all the bright lights came back. They moved him and washed him up and then he started crying again, but when I was playing I could see that he could remember this song that was music from the other world when he was floating and weightless. I could see that he recognized the song as something very soothing and familiar. It made him happy Zane little buddy "Welcome to the World!!!" Wind Chimes The sound of the wind chimes flows throughout this album because this album is truly about those wind chimes and the wind songs they brought into my family's lives. The wind chimes set at opposite ends of my daughter's lovely home on the hill above the woods and the beautiful wind that envelopes the house constantly finds it's voice in the chimes. When Zane was born the Winds whispered "his Native name is 'Windsong' Let us help you to find his song." So this album is those songs brought on the Wind. For him.


Artist: John DeBoer
Title: Windsong's Lullaby (The Dream Songs)
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 7/3/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295119085