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Joey & the Singing Zoo Revue

Joey & the Singing Zoo Revue


~ Joey & The Singing Zoo Revue

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CD $18.98
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Product Notes

ALBUM DESCRIPTION: This is a music CD collection of 11 hilarious songs (+ a Christmas bonus track) for kids and adults. A variety of song styles from soft ballads to up-tempo dance pop tunes - Childrens Music. All very funny and will definitely strike your funny bone. Real pet voices are used. You'll be singing along instantly. These are well-constructed songs, both instrumentally and lyrically. Some tracks are theatrical skits where animals and humans interact. Several comparisons inevitably come to mind while these tracks tickle your funny bone: Don Was (Walk the Dinosaur); Kenny Loggins (House At Pooh Corner); the 1970s comedy of the Firesign Theatre Troupe; Barking Dogs (Jingle Bells). Joey quips another comparison, 'throw Kenny Loggins and Weird Al in a room together to write songs for Sesame street'. But really folks, this album is in a class by itself. Parents will love to get together with their children and listen to this CD. The whole family will howl with laughter and enjoy this silly production of clean family-friendly comedy music. SONG TITLES AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION: What A Zoo - short intro to the animals Litter Box Rock - rock song about a cat dancing in the box Happy Tails (to you) - big band song about cats being happy when their tails go up. Charlie Town - merry go round song. Rocky The Great - Rocky is a super dog. Little Furballs - a poor cat has got one stuck and gets it out with the help of his owner. America The Beautiful - yes this is the classic 'sung' by animals. Pet Talk - talk show where pet owners and pets call in with questions AhBahDahBahDoBahDa - that's all animals hear when you call them Hide 'N Seek - animal hide and see, It's Story Time - classic lullaby to sing parent to child Silent Night - sung by the Christmas Carol Cats ARTIST INFORMATION: Joey Daddario is a successful singer-songwriter who uses beautiful soothing melodies and a contemporary pop sound. He is also a very funny guy. Using high tech recording techniques, he recorded his cat Jordy meowing. He then recorded other animals at the county fair and at his neighbor's homes. The results were then fed into a digital audio workstation. This allowed construction of the classicly-destined songs on this CD. The album is a hilarious mix of pets and people and sure to be a big hit. This CD makes a great gift. Get your copy now! WHO DID WHAT: Joey Daddario - lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards. Animal vocals - Jordy, Rocky, Lilly and the farm animals. All songs were written, performed, and produced by Joey Daddario. Recorded & mixed at Studio 'Addario, Amelia Island, FL, USA. REFERENCES: 1. Animal business is huge business and animal lovers buy crazy stuff. This is fun. I think you have a hot idea. The track of cats is excellent. Michael Roy Entertainment Group, Canada 2. What a great idea! I love it! My cats love it! Lol Angel Davis, CEO, Sheheshe Music Services '

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    Artist: Joey & The Singing Zoo Revue
    Title: Joey & the Singing Zoo Revue
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 1/13/2004
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637532838
    UPC: 763154123550
    Item #: SRD412355
    This product is a special order