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Dream the Ocean Blue

Dream the Ocean Blue


~ Jennifer Yeung

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CD $22.98
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Product Notes

'Dream the Ocean Blue: Musical Images for Bedtime' is a calming, gentle, and soothing musical experience that will help children transition into a relaxing and peaceful sleep. Inspired by the innocence, purity, and free spirit of children, the album is dedicated to children of all nations, worlds, and time. Each of the 19 tracks is accompanied by poems and vignettes written by the artist (except #4 and #14 which have accompanying lyrics) for a divine storytelling experience. Check out what others have to say about the album: 'I love the caption on the back of the CD: 'To Children of all nations, worlds, and time, may you always be surrounded by peace, grace, and abundance.' This is one of the most profound loving statements I have ever read. Jennifer Yeung is a gorgeous pianist, and her love for children and our precious planet really comes through in her music. I feel a blanket of love and warmth envelop me when I listen to the CD. Although this CD was artfully composed to lull little ones to sleep, I found myself drifting off to another time, another place. A magical misted wooded area with fairy folk dancing around wild mushrooms. This CD is a rare gem, each song is an adventure in dreamland. In this often chaotic world, it is nice to know that all of us, especially the children, have a safe and happy place waiting for them at bedtime. Lately, I've been leaving it on for my dogs. It's calming effect leaves them at peace and fully rested when I come home instead of anxious and frustrated. All of the musical pieces are fabulous and written with a pure and loving heart, but here are my absolute favorites: Aquinah's Song, A Walk At Dusk Through The Misty Forest At The End Of The Day, and The Importance Of A Proper Introduction. I especially like the lyrics to The Importance Of A Proper Introduction: 'First we start with just a handful of clouds. Then we add two teaspoons of stardust from our very own Milky Way. Oh careful there, just a smidgeon. And then we brew and brew and brew.' 'What are we making today Mama?' asks Phinneaus. 'Well, quite frankly I don't know!' exclaims Mother, 'But we soon shall see!' A gentle whiff of something delightful gathers at the tip of Phinneaus' nose. 'Ooh' he croons like a small hummingbird. 'It smells beautiful, just like you Mama.' Even if you don't have small children in your home, buy it for yourself to experience not only the love, but the chance to de-stress! --By Angela Elliot'-VEGETARIAN BABY.COM 'Gentle, drifting, peaceful, original piano pieces perfect for bedtime and as a musical backdrop for story time' -John Wood, KIDZMUSIC.COM '...Not just for bedtime-I often play it in the morning when everyone's at school and I'm pottering around cleaning.' -Emma Hiwaizi, JUNO MAGAZINE 'Perfect for calming children...ethereal melodies blend together to form a soothing soundscape for any time of day' -Kathleen Kelly Macmillan, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.

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    Artist: Jennifer Yeung
    Title: Dream the Ocean Blue
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 11/29/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637529731
    UPC: 183626000224
    Item #: 136640X