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Starrlite & Starrbrite Plus New Songs

Starrlite & Starrbrite Plus New Songs


~ Jeff Archer

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

Rockin' Christmas Boogie has become our #1 downloaded song on itunes! Thank's to everyone out there that have downloaded our songs!! Merry Christmas!! The #3 song just has to be listened to! Our R&B Christmas song!! SANTA .....Please forgive me! Everyone says it is a Christmas Classic! OUR CHRISTMAS CD 'Starrlite & Starrbrite Plus NEW songs for the Holidays' is also AVAILABLE and Single songs can be downloaded on itunes. Also, please visit our Authentic website at THESE ARE ALL BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS SONGS! 'Rockin' Christmas boogie' is without a doubt the Rockin'est Christmas song ever!! The #1 track on this CD is the Narration of the entire Original Story of 'Starrlite & Starrbrite the Reindeer Twins' (7 1/2 minute version) Santa Claus has 2 new reindeer to help with the workload on Christmas Eve.We even have SANTA CLAUS on this CD! The Starrlite & Starrbrite Christmas song was taken from the new Christmas book written by Joe Salik from Annapolis, Maryland. PAYPAL ACCEPTED at for all our CD's and the book 'Starrlite and Starrbrite the Reindeer Twins. Also the book can be purchased on EBAY. Spacreeksailor is our user ID.. Visit us at (We will have the book signed by the author for you!)Wonderful story and beautiful illustrations. You just HAVE to get copies of both!! We ship internationally! The song 'I'd Love to go to Toys r us with SANTA' is also a really COOL CHRISTMAS song!! You will LOVE it!! This Christmas CD is just as SMOOTH as EGG NOG! This Christmas CD is a MUST have CD for Everyone!! Get a copy for yourself and all your friends for Christmas!! The Jeff Archer Group is an Annapolis Maryland band. One of the BEST CHRISTMAS Music CD's available this 2006 CHRISTMAS SEASON! *STOP and LISTEN*Some of the most original songs in the USA and the World. Our Big Summer song is 'My Baby's from Ocean City Maryland'.It can be heard at and CD Baby! The Jeff Archer Group (JAG) is available for concerts & private shows. We can be contacted at Thank You!!! JAG - The Jeff Archer Group.

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    Artist: Jeff Archer
    Title: Starrlite & Starrbrite Plus New Songs
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 12/20/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637335952
    UPC: 837101120401
    Item #: SRD112040
    This product is a special order