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Brain Jam 3: Trifecta

Brain Jam 3: Trifecta


~ Jasongs

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CD $12.98
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Product Notes

'Trifecta' as a slang term is used to describe any successful or favorable phenomenon or characteristic that comes in threes. This installment has them and more. It's a triple play of great music, humor, and education. In the Ocean: (Calypso) Forget Shammybill Triangleshorts. Come on down and check out the bottom of the sea for yourself. By the way, can you breathe underwater? Mood Swings: (Big band) Ever notice how little kids can be happy one moment and crying the next? Don't feel bad. Lots of adults get that way too. Might as well jitterbug to let out some of those emotions. Let's Exercise: (Dance) Throw down that remote control, put on your sweats. It's time to get funky and burn some calories. Don't forget to take a shower though. We can't have you funky all day. Toothless Blues: (Acoustic blues) Your ole' pal Toothless Joe with some woids of wisdom. It's always better to listen to some Delta blues than Delta dental. It's All Greek to You: (Traditional Greek) A common expression for writing that's hard to understand. But after this song you'll want to wear a pleated skirt and break some drinking glasses. Closet Full of Clothes: (Funk) Did you ever look into your closet and realize that you have plenty to wear but can't decide what? Time for a visit to the donation bin perhaps? Babies: (Modern flamenco) Lot's of people are having lots of babies these days. This song is just a brief orientation of what to expect. Don't say we didn't warn you. Geology Rocks: (Punk) A cool tribute to rocks, minerals and all things igneous. We know you'll dig it. Mr. Lazybones: (Reggae) That's right. We're talking about you, sleepyhead. Get out of bed; get to work; take out the trash. Do something useful. You don't want to end up on that Dr. "you-know-who" show, do you? The Season Song: (Folk) There are some elements to seasonal changes that people don't like. (Too cold, too hot, etc.) But if you think about the benefits you'll begin to appreciate them a little more. Might this be the last of a fantastic series of albums? We'll see. Just when we think we're done, a whole new batch of material comes flooding through our minds. Maybe the next time we're stuck sitting in a traffic jam we'll think up another 'Brain Jam'. Until then, have fun with this one!

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    Artist: Jasongs
    Title: Brain Jam 3: Trifecta
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 5/6/2008
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637336300
    UPC: 634479799815
    Item #: SRD979981
    This product is a special order