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Relaxation Music for My Pet & Me
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CD $18.98

Janet Marlow's Relaxation Music Series is a new look at how we as pet guardians can care for our best friends acoustically according to their hearing ranges. Being aware that they too need to fill their space with acoustically friendly sounds and atmosphere to help them feel relaxed and safe is an important part of their lives. Hearing is a strong survival instinct for them. In nature, they can instinctively flee from disturbing sounds. As pets in our homes or urban apartments, they adjust to all levels of sounds. As we continue our joyous co-habitation with dogs and cats then music that accommodates their hearing ranges is what we can offer pets to experience a safe and soothing environment. Setting your speakers or CD player for this music in specific places in your home, veterinarian hospitals or moments of relaxing with your pet can have positive benefits. Janet Marlow's designed music has been used by pet owners successfully for different scenarios such as assisting the transition when leaving your pet at home, puppy crate training, using the music as a comfort and healing for ailing pets, pet's nervousness in cars, masking the sounds of thunder or loud noises or for the pleasure of just listening together. The Spring 05' release of Relaxation Music for My Pet and Me is another step in providing the best music for dogs and cats by including the pet owner for those precious times together where we and our best friends bond in a few moments of quality time. Stressful times? We live in a fast moving world. If we feel it so do our pets because they care to share our lives intimately. They sense all our range of emotions. I know my wonderful dog 'Rags' shows up in front of me just at the right moment when I am thinking intensely of the things that I have to do or when I am planning to go out the door and I can't take him with me. Of course, I look at him and exhale a deep breathe. He has reminded me to live in the present as animals do and take note of the moment. Oh yes, and for me to please take him with me wherever I am going! These are the moments of gifting that animals give us. Filling their world with music that is correct for their hearing ranges is a gift to give back to them!

Title: Relaxation Music for My Pet & Me
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Janet Marlow
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 6/21/2005
Product Type: CD
UPC: 837101036306
Item #: SRD103630
This product is a special order

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