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Lucinda the Ladybug

Lucinda the Ladybug


~ Jabberbug Media

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CD $25.98
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Product Notes

A young ladybug, Lucinda, finds herself on a journey of amazing adventure with her older brother, Louis when they are carried far away from their treetop home. The siblings face dangerous waterfalls, strange and wonderful creatures, and eek... BIRDS!...on their quest to find their way. Will they learn to work together and trust in themselves to make it home? Listen and find out! Episode 1 - The Tree Lucinda and her older brother Louis, squabble over who gets the best aphid for lunch. But their arguing and fighting gets them into a dangerous situation. What will happen if they get blown away from their treetop home? Listen and find out. Episode 2 - The River Lucinda and her brother need to get on the same side of the river. Do they have the patience to figure out what to do? Listen and find out. Episode 3 - The Log Lucinda and Louis learn to work together as they overcome their fear of the strange things they encounter in the forest. But how will they get over that huge log blocking their path? Listen and find out. Episode 4 - The Beak Lucinda befriends a kindly worm. But will Louis trust him and avoid the big beak that is getting closer and closer to them? Listen and find out. Episode 5 - The Bird Birds fly, ladybugs fly. Birds eat ladybugs. Will Lucinda learn to fly by herself? Listen and find out.

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    Artist: Jabberbug Media
    Title: Lucinda the Ladybug
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 7/27/2010
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637649262
    UPC: 884502681475
    Item #: SRD268147
    This product is a special order