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Never Say Never

Never Say Never

  • By Ish
  • Release 10/25/2011
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $19.98

Product Notes

Ish delightfully shares his gifts as a family friendly Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller and his Concerts and Recordings blend good clean humor, positive messages and an upbeat musical style that appeals to young and old alike. Ish's charm and ability to relate to everyone from toddlers to grandparents is something that makes him unique for his performances and recordings are interactive, playful and shared in a socially responsible way. Never Say Never was recorded and produced with the same love and attention for fun and detail as his first Children's CD, Cardboard Wings. It's an engaging collection comprising of 14 songs that will charm parents and children alike as they listen, laugh, tap their feet and sing-along. On June 5th, The Western Canadian Music Awards nominated Ish's CD, Never Say Never for Children's Recording of the Year (2012). Ish and Doug Perry produced this wonderful recording together and will be going to Regina, Saskatchewan for the Western Canadian Music Awards Gala on September 28th, 2012 Composing on guitar, mandolin and harmonica Ish's style is best described as a combination of thoughtfully conceived and imaginative storytelling lyrics played in a Folk, Blues, Bluegrass and Country genre. Yet, for Never Say Never, Ish decided to mix it up culturally and throw in some Old Timey - Claw-hammer Banjo and Jazz influences, plus some Louisiana Swing as well as some off the wall Circus Polka - Rock. Plus lots and lots of Children singing along and having fun. Throughout this wonderful project, Ish surrounded himself with associates who offered him solid, sound, educational and musical advice and it shows in this wonderfully produced recording. This recording included a who's who of talented and well respected musicians and vocalists within the Canadian Music Industry such as Ken Whitely, Chris Whitely, Kideo, Markus, Kathleen Eyman, Lenny Graf, Craig Wingrove, Chris Stevens, Sabrina Weeks, Jason Homey, Sherman Doucette and Terry Draper. Together with his talented Musical Friends they contributed their own signature sound, feel and vibe and brought to this recording a unique fusion of up tempo musical styles as well as some wonderful three part harmonies that will appeal to young and old alike. Ish would like to thank the amazing Choir Masters he has had the honor to work with. For he has learned so much from their valuable guidance as well as enjoyed first hand their wonderful work with the Children as they brought his songs to life. This recording features the wonderful Kamloops Thompson Children's Choir, led by Choir Masters Angella Jayne Latta and Jennica Alpaugh. It also features the wonderful Glen Park Public School Children's Choir, led by Choir Masters Cathy Ambrose and David Frego. It was a real pleasure to work with the Children and watch them blossom as they sang, played, laughed and experienced something wonderful, fun and new in themselves. It doesn't get any better than that. The Song Titles, Styles and Themes 1. I Feel As Lucky As I Can Be: This is a wonderful easy to learn call and response song that celebrates the joys of friendship. It's also a great way to introduce everyone to the joys of singing Acapella. 2. What I Want To Be: This is a fun filled, high octane, toe tapping Old Timey Claw- hammer Banjo sing-along tune that focuses on some silly things we can never be when we grow up. Yet, it ends with a delightful thought about living in harmony. 3. Never Say Never: This wild and wacky Bluegrass song is about never giving up and showcases different character voices as the song brings that mindset to focus. It's funny, interactive and conveys the thought; that all you are is what you do and ever choose to be. 4. It Must Be Fun: It's fun to sing and always stimulates the never ending question. Who has got it easier kids or adults? I have kept it simple, one playful Jazz Piano player, two kids and two adults sharing our thoughts as we joyfully agree to disagree. 5. Orange Bus: This is a fun filled Bluegrass sing-along song that was inspired by my love for orange school buses and the positive experiences I had as a child. It also focuses on some safety issues and getting along with others. 6. Little Hands: I wrote this gentle Banjo picking Folk song the day my son was born. Holding him in my arms, I gazed at his tiny hands and I imagined the conversation we might someday have about his little hands and what he may hope to get a chance to do someday in life. It also focuses on the fact that we are all the same in many ways, and the only difference we all have is - what we choose to do with our hands when we work and play. 7. Only Time Will Tell: I wrote this up-tempo story - based Folk-Grass song the day after my son was born. It joyfully focuses on the positive lessons I have learned along the way. I love this song and play it often - on and off the stage - and see it as a song that appeals to all ages, I hope you will agree. 8. Rainy Day: This is a gentle Folksy sing along song that celebrates the joys of rainy days and the things we all can do together to make it a nice and memorable day. This is also Ish's first song he ever wrote at the age of 17. 9. Big Mouth Bar & Grill: This is an animated; up - tempo, mix of Louisiana Swing and Rock. It's about an Alligator named Humphrey whom, with his family, proudly operates a family eatery. It focuses on good family values, respect and cooperation and together they make their dreams come true. 10. Three Times A Day: Here is a toe-tapping, blues- grass tune sung by a happy go lucky 9 year old girl, a children's choir and showcases her parents and dentist Mikey too. It's about something we should all remember to do each day. Brush and floss our teeth of course. 11. Clean Bedroom Parade: It's a very high octane song that joyfully mixes Big Band, Jazz, Polka and Rock plus some great circus sounds as well as some off the wall character voices and a very motivated Kids Choir. It will inspire everyone to think beyond the actual task and turn a household chore into a fun time activity. 12. Cardboard Wings: While performing at a Children's Festival in Saskatchewan, I saw a little boy and his parents in the park making some cardboard wings. He was wearing a helmet and elbow pads and when it was completed he jumped off a picnic table. When he did not fly away I overheard him say 'that's okay tomorrow's another day." Immediately like magic, the song wrote itself. I really love this story - based Folk Song for it reminds me that if you mix passion with commitment and good will, anything is possible! 13. Magic In The Air: This up-tempo Jazzy, Blues-Grass song focuses on the values of kindness and consideration and what it means to all of us may we be children, parents, neighbors or friends. 14. The Goodbye Song: This heartfelt Folksy, Bluesy song was written for a young child who was a close friend that was passing. I wanted him to know that I truly cared and wished the very best for him and his family. It also delightfully showcases the Kamloops Thompson Children's Honor Choir singing at their very best and will have everyone singing along and feeling better about the world we live in. OTHER RELEASES: Ish has released three wonderfully produced CD's, two for Children, 'Cardboard Wings' and 'Never Say Never' as well as a roots and blues CD for Grown-ups, entitled, 'Go West on 17.' All three CD's are available on CD Baby. Behind the Scenes: The song "Clean Bedroom Parade" was produced by Jack Herman and co-arranged with Lenny Graf whom is best known for his work with Sharon, Lois and Bram. Ish's CD for Grown-ups 'Go West on 17' was Recorded, Produced and Mastered at Perry's Recording Studio, and it was such a positive experience that Ish asked Doug Perry to co - produce, Never Say Never with him and we are elated he said yes. Doug has worked with the who's who in our Canadian Cultural Community both in his Studio and in a Live Concert Format and is able to bring out the best in their Performance and Recordings. He has worked in all musical genres from live Theater to Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Jazz and Children's Music, as well as has worked many many times with Children's Choirs and for that reason he was a perfect fit for Ish's new CD, Never Say Never.


Artist: Ish
Title: Never Say Never
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 10/25/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 781877001047


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