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You Read You Write You Rock

You Read You Write You Rock


~ Ira Weitz

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CD $9.98
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Product Notes

These 15 positive, high-energy, percussion-heavy songs on You Read, You Write, You Rock, were created and performed by Ira Weitz. They are ' Go - To ' tunes for their topics. They introduce children, ages 5-12, to essential skills they will need to achieve success in reaching their goals. New insights are revealed with each repeated listening. These songs just keep on giving. And they encourage our youth to reach out to others and constructively participate in making this world a better place. So now let's consider how each one of these reality - based rockers, with their forward - thinking attitude, will benefit your child. The Financial 4 / Money Music: Four of these songs are about Financial Education ( Money World, Marketplace - Put On Your Business Face, Ninety - Nine Jobs, and Write Your Resume' ). Currently, elementary school children are not required to study finances. However, with the Financial 4, educators can immediately start teaching economics, beginning in the first grade. Ira Weitz had a dream in which every teacher in the world played the four money songs on this album. And just before playing them, each educator said, ' Students, for the next hour, we will turn our Classroom Into A Cash - Room. It's time to Learn To Earn.' The Bully Block / 6 Ways To Say NO To The Bully: The song Trouble Is A Bully can be used to introduce the topic of resisting peer pressure by setting limits and establishing boundaries. In fact, ' Bully Trouble ' partners with five other songs, each of which gives concrete techniques, usable ' Take - Aways, ' which will help our youth to ' Stand Strong ' when confronted by negative influences. These five songs are, Addy - Addy - O ( The Friendship Song ), Be Confident - Be Strong, Peace Is A Five Letter Word, Listening Time, and Choose A Goal. That makes a total of six songs which Ira Weitz calls The Bully Block. Six ways to say NO to the bully. 6 songs, 6 solutions. 5 More Awesome And Essential Songs complete You Read, You Write, You Rock. One song, Pick Up A Pen, will motivate your child to write. The second, You Read, You Rock, will motivate reading. The third song, Write A Silly Rhyme, will encourage both imagination and writing. The fourth, Be Kind To Animals, encourages love and compassion. And the fifth song Mister Jack ( Mister Jack, Mister Jack, when you love the earth it loves you right back), persuades children to Honor The Earth by recycling. Mister Jack is a great way to introduce the concepts of ecology and sustainability. Did You Hug Your Imagination Today? In the world of Ira Weitz, imagination is mandatory. And Ira created the songs on You Read, You Write, You Rock, so that the children in your life will also ' Bond With Their Imagination. ' Ira Weitz has Teaching, Guidance Counseling, Marvel Comics Writing, and Children's Music Radio Airplay Credentials. Ira began composing relevant music for students while working as both a Teacher and a Guidance Counselor in the public schools of Brooklyn, New York. Ira created these tunes to meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community. They were loved. Teachers, in collaboration with their students, turned them into musical plays which were presented in the school auditorium. And by popular request, they were sometimes performed at night for Parent - Teacher Association meetings. All of these songs were eventually released as The Push For Your Goal Children's Music album. Two songs from this CD, Homework Is A Positive Vibration, and Share, Share, Share, received frequent airplay on National Public Radio's syndicated We Like Kids weekly broadcast., and the 29 stations of The Radio Aahs children's network. And for 5 years Ira Weitz was a comedy writer for Marvel Comics humor publication, Crazy Magazine. Also, for one year, Ira wrote satire for Cracked Magazine. Ira Weitz had about 75 funny magazine articles published during his time as a Marvel Comics writer.

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    Artist: Ira Weitz
    Title: You Read You Write You Rock
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 2/12/2013
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5638076058
    UPC: 884501864398
    Item #: 600401X