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Her Daddy's Voice

Her Daddy's Voice


~ Her Daddy's Voice

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CD $11.98
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Product Notes

What is Her Daddy's Voice™? Her Daddy's Voice™ (HDV) is a 10 tune CD that offers "musical superglue for the daddy-daughter bond." Why is HDV important? At a very basic level, father-son bonding is straight-forward. Father-daughter bonding, however, has always been a little trickier... Until now! HDV makes the daddy-daughter bond stronger by helping dad say what she needs to hear. A dad is the most important man in his daughter's life when it comes to her self image. HDV helps dad speak her language. Why should I listen to HDV? HDV is the best possible way for a dad to spend 30 minutes (or even 3 minutes!) with his daughter. If a dad and daughter had only 3 minutes together, they should listen to one HDV song. HDV is the ideal gift for a dad to give his daughter (Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Anytime!). How does HDV work? HDV helps dad shows love for his daughter, protect her, and prevent at-risk behavior using 10 terrific tunes that offer positive messages. All dad has to do is listen to fun music with his daughter! What is The HDV Formula™? The HDV Formula™ is "Love + Protection = Prevention." HDV helps dad show love to his daughter and protect her innocence which helps prevent at-risk behaviors related to pregnancy, STDs, eating disorders, depression, drugs, and alcohol. HDV can transform how a daughter feels about herself. What does each HDV song stand for? Song Name Shows her that Dad is... Lucky Me Grateful She Makes Me Dance Happy Her Superdad Heroic Undivided Attention Attentive Hold Your Daddy's Hand Affectionate Shoulders Proud Boys Protective No Matter What Imperfect Growing Up Rulemaking Her Daddy's Voice Unconditional How is HDV different from other music? Most music is about subjective taste. HDV is about objective, deliberate benefits. HDV is extremely entertaining but the music is a vehicle for the message. Most popular music is not as deliberate and clear about a positive message. HDV is "preventative medicine" delivered through catchy music. How does HDV give back? HDV donates 20% of profits to support adoption through our "Every Daughter Deserves a Daddy™" program. The CD is dedicated to the memory of Paul L. Singer, a passionate advocate of adoption and forever father to five daughters. Visit us today at © Copyright 2011 Her Daddy's Voice™.

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    Artist: Her Daddy's Voice
    Title: Her Daddy's Voice
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 2/15/2011
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637727376
    UPC: 884501463676
    Item #: 147926X
    This product is a special order